How To Find All Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls?

Dark Souls 3 illusory walls Guide will help you find the Illusory Walls scattered across the game and what lies behind them.

Secret passages and hidden treasures are abundant in Dark Souls 3, and illusory walls hide their locations. These cleverly disguised barriers hold valuable secrets waiting to be unearthed by observant players. Striking these walls reveals hidden paths leading to loot, powerful items, and even an optional boss fight.

Illusory walls blend seamlessly with the environment; a keen eye is needed to spot them. A simple attack or even a well-timed dodge roll will shatter the illusion, granting access to the hidden passage behind.

This guide equips you with the knowledge to locate all illusory walls within DS3 and unlock the hidden riches and challenges.

Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls

The get to the first illusory barrier, you need to get the tower key from Shrine Handmaiden for 20,000. Once you have the key, exit the shrine by taking the left stairs upward for two consecutive staircases. Walk outside the mist gate and unlock the castle turret.

Once inside, climb the stairs to get to a broken bridge. You need to drop down to the left side from the bridge to the orange-tiled roof. Go to the left side of the roof, where a small entrance is hidden. Walk along the beam, and you will find the first illusionary wall. You will see a hidden door on the other end when you slash the wall.

You will find a chest containing a Covetous Silver Serpent Ring in the hidden area.

Farron Keep

From the Farron Bonfire, head outside the balcony and follow the left path leading to staircase you will find the second illusionary wall there. You can roll through or slash the wall with your sword to enter the hidden area.

Once inside, you will find Dreamchaser’s Ashes.

Catacombs of Carthus

Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls

There are two illusionary barriers in this area; for the first one, make your way down the ladder from the Abyss Watchers, enter the room on your right, and make another right turn, where you will find the barrier in front of you. You will find the Carthus Pyromancy Tome, a Ring of Steel Protection +2, and a Sharp Gem here.

For the next wall, head down the barrier where you find the boulder and take a left turn where you will find the rats. Follow the candle-lit stairs and exit the room, where you will find the second illusory wall next to the staircase.

Smouldering Lake

Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls

You will find five illusory walls in this region in Dark Souls 3, and the starting one is in the Old King’s Antechamber’s bonfire in the corner near the branches.

For the second barrier, exit the bonfire room from the stairs and enter the room filled with skeletons. From there, move to the right corner of the room; you will find the wall in the left corner of the room.

Exit the secret room and move to the other side of the room. You will enter the first room on your left and turn right. You will enter a room filled with roots and find the third barrier on the right corner.

Exit the room, take a right turn, move down the stairs, and take another right, and you will get to a room with a giant rat. You will find the barrier hidden behind the rooted wall. This is where you will find Large Titanite Shard.

In the same hidden area behind the chest on your left. Drop down the area, and you will find Izalith Staff here.

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley

Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls

Head outside of the Church of Yorshka’s bonfire and make your way down the stairs to the main street. Take a left and continue going straight to the end of the street to the balcony with a crystal lizard. Slash the first railing on your right to unlock the hidden passage.

For the second illusory wall in this area, travel back to the Church bonfire and head outside, but this time, take the right path instead of going down the stairs. Continue going on the same path till you reach an area with some guards. Roll down or slash the wall led by short stairs, and you will find a hidden region. You will find Magic Clutch Ring here.

To get to the third illusory barrier, travel to the Church of Yorshka bonfire again and take the side exit that leads to the cliff. Once outside, take a left and go down the small stair passage. Continue moving in the same direction across the next flight of stairs, and you will be in a watery area. Go to the lower level of the area, make your way outside, and go down two staircases consecutively. Turn right, and you will find your illusory wall.

You must travel to the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire for the next hidden wall. From the bonfire, exit outside from the staircase. When you’re outside, go up the stairs and keep going on the same path until you get to the next tower with statues in front. Slash the wall on the left corner to reveal a hidden passage.

Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls

This region’s last and final wall is in the same area as the previous one. Take the stairs to your right to get to the rooftop. Drop down to the lower ledge on your left side and climb the tiled ledges. Once in front of the building, you must go to its right side and drop down to enter the tower leading stairways down. When you are in the area beneath, the wall with a statue built on it is your hidden region targeted barrier.

Lothric Castle

From the castle bonfire, take the stairs and get into the small room near a small fenced area and rooted wall. Take the ladder to the upper level, where you will find the hidden wall near the barrels. You will find the complete Winged Knight Armor Set and Sacred Bloom Shield inside the hidden area.

Untended Graves

Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls

Start from the Champion Gundyr Bonfire and exit the area from the large golden door. Run past the guards to enter the next area. Take the left path, and you will find an illusory barrier between consecutive staircases going up.

If you take the stairs to the circular area, you will find another hidden wall on your left. You will find Eye of a Fire Keeper here.

In the previous hidden area, slash the wall next to the rooted one to unlock another hidden area, which will take you back to the first hidden wall area.

Grand Archives

In the central walkway, go to the upper level, with books scattered around the floor. When you’re on the upper level with a balcony attached to the floor, use the stairs near it to go up, and between two pillars on your right, you will find a hidden area near a pile of books. This is where you will encounter an enemy wearing the Outrider Knight Armor, and you need to defeat the enemy to take him down to get it.

Painted World of Ariandel

Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls

You will find two illusory walls in this region in Dark Souls 3. To get to the first one, look for the crypt filled with giant flies in the Snowy Mountain Pass. When you enter the crypt, you will find a giant fly staring at a wall, slashing through that wall to unlock a hidden passage.

Go inside the newly opened area and turn left to enter another room full of flies; on your right side, you will find another illusory wall. This is where you will encounter Pyromancer’s Parting Flame and a deadly NPC invader fight.

Dreg Heap

The next location you need to go to is the Dreg Heap. You must turn right after leaving the building with Lothric Knights to get here. Now, you need to move to the end of the building filled with Murkmen and go through the wall on your left. This will reveal a hidden area that will get you Great Soul Dreg and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3.

The Ringed City

Dark Souls 3 Illusory Walls

To get to the final illusory walls in Dark Souls 3, you need to head to the first building on top of a snowy hill past the courtyard in Dreg Heap. Enter the building and go to its dead end, where you will reach a decorative archway; you will find the wall on the left of the archway.

For the next part, you need to take the elevator from the Inner Wall of Ringed City and get to a room filled with statues. You will find the hidden wall on the right side of the staircase. Note that you will find 3 illusory walls here.

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