Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Illusory Wall Locations Guide

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Illusory Wall Locations Guide will help you find the Illusory Walls scattered across the Ringed City DLC.

Illusory Walls have hidden passages behind them and you will have to hit the walls in order to reveal those passages. Discovering these walls will lead you to treasures and an optional boss.

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Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Illusory Wall Locations

There are a total of three Illusory Walls in The Ringed city DLC and this guide will help you find them all.

Dreg Heap
The first Illusory Wall can be found in Dreg Heap close to the first bonfire. Get down from the first bonfire and go past the first angel. Go through the building and take a right and enter the building ahead and keep moving forward.

As you hit the dead end make a left and hit the wall and a staircase will be revealed that will lead you to another small area.

In the area next you will find Great Soul Dregs sorcery and Coventous Silver Serpent Ring +3 as well.

Shared Grave
The second Illusory Wall is in Shared Grave near the shared Grave bonfire. When you cross the bridge where you fight the dragon, you will enter a room with statues along the walls.

Hit the wall next to the stairs and a path will open up. Kill the enemy inside and hit the far wall and another path will open up. The third wall will let you pass as well, giving you access to the Lightning Arrow miracle.

Ringed Inner Wall
The third and final Illusory Wall is located in Ringed Inner Wall. From the bonfire, ride the elevator and about halfway down jump from t he elevator through an opening in the wall.

Then you will come to a circular room with several statues. Hit the statue with empty hands and it will let you pass through and the corridor will lead you to Darkeater Midi which is an optional boss.

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