Dark Souls 3 Bug Causes Game Crash, Play Offline Until a Fix Comes

Major Dark Souls 3 Bug is discovered just a week before the game releases. Namco wants you to play offline until a fix comes.

Bugs and glitches are nothing new to the games and usually bugs are discovered after the release of the game but in the case of Dark Souls 3, which is one week away from its Western release, a bug has been discovered. The game crashing bug discovered in Dark souls 3 seems to be only affecting the console version of the game.

The announcement comes from the publisher Bandai Namco and the developer From Software who found a game that causes Dark Souls 3 to crash on consoles.

The bug is triggered when player walks over a certain amount of  summon signs while connected online. It is not clear that Japanese version of the game is suffering but it seems unlikely as they had access to the game since March, so the Western version is the only one affected.

The representatives have stated that the bug can be avoided if played in Offline mode while they are working on a patch that will most probably be available on day one of the western release.

Given the hype around the game and the marketing could be the reason that gamers could not wait for the western release and picked up the international version of the game, which could have led to the discovery of the bug.

Developer From Software are working on a patch so that the release of the game goes smoothly.

The developers have just a few days to complete the patch  before the glitchy game is released to the Western audience. Even if they don’t meet the deadline gamers won’t have to endure the glitch for long or they can just play offline.

Dark Souls 3 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on April 12. You can check out its Steam unlock timings and set an alarm.

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