Dark Souls 3 Framerate on PC Might be Locked at 30FPS

According to bandai Namco reps, From Software plans to lock the Dark Souls 3 framerate at 30FPS unlike what we expected from the gameplay at Gamescom.

The Gamescom 2015 footage of Dark Souls 3 seemed to be running at a good 60 FPS, but it looks like From Software is going to lock the Dark Souls 3 framerate for the PC version of the game at just 30 FPS.

This has been hinted by a rather surprising source i.e. the Bandai Namco Entertainment Online Store Support. A fan asked them if they could tell what would be the frame rate levels of the game’s PC version, the reply he got was not an outright confirmation, but an insight into the plan.

According to the email he received, From Software plans to keep the Dark Souls 3 framerate locked at 30 FPS, although this could not be the case when the game actually releases. Here’s what the rep said:

Thank you for contacting Bandai Namco Entertainment Online Store Support. Unfortunately the plan is to keep the framerate locked at 30 FPS but nothing is yet confirmed from what I am aware of. Please keep updated through the main website.

In the past, Hidetaka Miyazaki had also said that the game will be 30 FPS but at that time he had not confirmed which platform he was referring to.

If you have played Dark Souls 2 and BloodBorne you would know that there are more important things things in the game that are tied to the frame rates than usual like movement. Couple that with the fact that Dark Souls 3 is releasing in about a month and a half, and there is little doubt that the plan to lock the framerate would change.

Would you be fine with the Dark Souls 3 framerate being locked at 30FPS?

Source: Reddit.

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