Leaked Dark Souls 3 DLC Concept Art Shows Enemies, Environments

A collection of Dark Souls 3 DLC concept art has been leaked, showing us some of the enemies and environments we might encounter in the future.

A number of Dark Souls 3 DLC concept art pieces have been leaked onto the internet. The pictures show a number of different enemies and environments, including a few interesting ones such as a suit of armor that appears to hold some kind of tentacled creature. Add that to a crumbling city and an isolated castle, and who knows what we’ll be doing there?

There haven’t been very many things in the original Dark Souls 3 that could be classified as DLC. There’s the Angel Knights that are sprinkled throughout Lothric, and the Profaned Flame that’s apparently located beneath Irithyll. If octopi and decay are what we’ll be facing, however, we may be looking at a fight with more of the Deep.

There can’t be too many; Dark Souls 3 will only have two DLC packs, with one coming up in autumn and one coming next year, so the Dark Souls 3 DLC concept art has to be at least one of them.

Some of the other pieces of Dark Souls 3 DLC concept art even stretch into the demonic, with various monstrosities, flaming horses, and what appear to be hellhounds. Considering that we got fairly little knowledge of what demons in Dark Souls 3 were up to (other than that there were very few of them left, with the others all having died) there’s no telling what we might see.

Much of the Dark Souls 3 concept art also gives us a sneak peek at what sort of enemies we could be facing. These range from a naga with a sword and shield, to hellhounds, to the aforementioned octopus soldiers, to soldiers with wings like the cursed butterfly-people from Lothric Castle, and even what seems like a more developed version of the cage monsters from the base game.

This could however, be made up and we might not see any of it in the DLC so take it with a grain of salt.

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