Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Guide – How to Access, Bonfires, Boss Fights, Quests

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel guide with tips on how to access this DLC, bonfires, how to complete all quests in the DLC and strategies for boss battles.

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Guide will help you understand bonfires, how to access it, boss fights and snowfields. However, you need to first start Ashes of Ariandel.

Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel Guide

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How to Access Ariandel

Head to Cathedral of the Deep in the main game and go to the Cleansing Church bonfire. Look to the right alter to find a NPC mumbling to himself.

Wait for him to finish what he is saying and talk to him. He will offer you a talk which you need to accept.

Along the stone corridor you will find a Snowfield bonfire which you need to light. Go through the fog moving along a corpse you find to reach a small hill where you will come across a group of Followers.

It is best to fight them one by one and not engage everyone at the same time.

Head back the rocks near the corpse and take down a Follower before heading right. You will see another body ahead where the ground will give way so it you will find it hard to find your way back.

Where you are is a place that is full of ugly wolves. Some trees will spit fire balls and try to grab you while the wolves attack you.. yeah.. that’s Dark Souls so good luck.

Now, head to the slope on the left side from where the land gave way. Deal with everything you come across and head down the path on the left.

You will come across Frozen Weapon sorcery spell guarding giant flies. Take it if you need it and move on down the slope to reach the other side. Go to right to find a cave that contains the Rope Bridge Cave bonfire.

Cross the bridge and take out the enemies that you come across. Make you way up to the building ahead and speak with the NPC by the door before going inside and lighting the Ariendel Chapel bonfire and talking to Friede.

Go back the NPC and talk before going to the bridge. Damage the rope supporting on the right and use the bonfire to go back to Rope Bridge Cave.

Unlock PvP Arena (Optional)
To unlock the optional PvP arena, climb down to the platform from the collapsed bridge. Go to the right and drop to the snow covered roots and branches to reach the one that curves to the right.

You will come across a Follower, deal with it before reaching solid ground. Follow the stone ledge to and descent to reach the glacier.

Keep to the left and you will find a small alcove where Depths of the Painting bonfire is located. Once you reach the bonfire, head right to reach an edge and drop down to an icy meadow under the tower.

Here is your boss fight will go down.

Corvian Approach

From the Rope Bridge Cave bonfire, go to the bridge, go up the slope to find a ladder on the left. From here, go left and follow the narrow ledge until you come across more followers, go down the icy slope from there.

When you reach the bottom, move to the left and jump up a small hill before dropping down to the ledges. You will see Budding Green Blossom before you reach the lowest level.

Head through the arc and kill the enemies along the way. Head right and you will see an enemy with claws but beware it can cause a significant amount of damage. When you are done with the enemy  find a ladder to your right, climb up, and head through the building.

Go to the building on the opposite to the bonfire.

Corvian Settlement

Turn left after crossing the stone bridge.  Go through the door collect the Ember. Go up the Slope and pass under a couple of tall arches to face an enemy. Clear the area and go between the two rocks and follow the round to the right.

Climb up the stairs and go up the ladder. Drop down into the walkway and collect the Crow Talons on the opposite roof. Now, go to the tower ahead and face the enemies but for the ice attacks.

Go up the ladder inside the tower before crossing the bridge and turn right to reach the rooftop. Avoid chasing the gem bug on the narrow bridge.

When you are up to the rooftop grab the large soul nearby before dropping to the are below.

Head toward the building in the porch and go to the right to find  Young White Branch and Rusted Coin before going out.

Here, a knight will attack you.

He has a long sword with fire damage but he is slow. Be patient with him, dodge and attack.

Snowy Mountain

Go up the slope under the fallen three and take out the followers you see. Take whatever way you wish as they all lead to the same place from where you need to head up a slope. At the top slope go to your left and reach the cliff edge.

Kill the wolves and look for a narrow turning on the left that will take you to a dead end the Quakestone Hammer.

Go pact the knights and reach the cliff tunnel. Fight off the giant flies you will see ahead before heading to the left corner. Go through the wall and you will see a few steps.

Go to the lower area but ignore the flies around you. Cross the narrow wooden platform to reach corner of the room before turning right to an archway in the dark.

You need to go upstairs and go through the doors at the top. Once you are back to the Ariandel Chapel, speak with Friede once again.

A secret way will open, head down to start a boss fight.

Sister Friede boss fight

She has ground based attacks and can be dealt with easily. However, if you get hit you will lose a decent amount of health.

Once you have under control, another threat will emerge, Father Ariandel. Now, you need to deal with two enemies at once. The good news is that they both share a health bar, the news is that killing them is still not easy.

Friede will try to heal herself by becoming invisible, do not let her do that. Keep an eye on the glow and attack her.

Ariandel is nothing to worry about if you can keep Friede at bay and not let her heal. He takes a break from attacking which gives you the right right

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