Dark and Light Taming Guide

Dark and Light is all about taming different creatures and this Dark and Light Taming Guide will tell you exactly how to do that. We have listed everything that you need to know in order to capture and tame different creatures in our Taming Guide.

We have tips and tricks about getting ready for the taming process and the process and then feeding the creature, every element of the process has been explained in detail in our D&L Taming Guide.

Dark and Light Taming

Getting Ready

Before you can actually go and start taming creatures, you will need some preparation. This preparation includes the taming equipment that you need to tame the creatures and some items that you will need after you have captured the creature to tame it.

Starting with the taming equipment. You will require two basic items for your taming equipment requirements. First of these two items is the bow. The bow is the main weapon that you will use against the creatures.

To use a bow, first, you must ensure that you have reached Rank 2 in Ranged Combat otherwise you will not be able to equip the bow and thus you cannot simply tame creatures at this point.

So if you are not Rank 2 in Ranged Combat, first level up to Rank 2. After you have reached Rank 2, you will need to craft the bow. Simply gather x15 wood and x50 Twine and you will be all set to craft your bow.

After you have crafted your bow, the second item on the equipment list is the Stone Hook Arrows. You will fire these arrows using the bow at the creature to tame them.

For these arrows, you will require x1 Stone-tipped arrow, x1 Magic Shard, x5 Twine, & x3 Charcoal. Now craft these weapons and you will be all set to tame your desired creature.

Before you head out, make sure you have a feeding trough and the creature-specific food as well. If the animal is a herbivore, get some herbivore food and if the animal is a carnivore, get some carnivore food.

How to Tame Creatures

To tame the creature, first track down your desire creatures. Once you have located it, simply fire one of the crafted arrows at it. If you managed to hit it on your first go, quickly aim towards the ground and fire again.

This will hook the other end to the ground and thus your creature will be captured. It will try its best to run away but the arrows you use have a special effect, which causes the taming process to speed up.

An alternative method if taming is with the use of Wooden Clubs and Cobweb of Crystal Balls. The creature is clubbed contentiously to apply fatigue and make the creature to submit. The Cobweb slows the fleeing creatures keeping them in your melee range and keeps them from retaliating.

You can also use the Club method in combination with the Hook Arrow method, as the tethered arrow applies little fatigue over time, so you can speed this by the cobwebbed clubbing. But when you use the Wooden Club method, make sure to bring 2-3 or more clubs as they usually break before the creature collapses.

Once you have captured it, run towards it quickly, put the trough near it and put the food in it. The creature will start eating the food.

Once it starts eating, taming will begin. Keep on feeding it until it completes and once it is complete, you will have successfully tamed your creature.

Before heading out to capture a creature, know that you won’t be able to place a feeding trough anywhere within a town limit.

Also, beware not to let a fleeing creature go towards a town. If they do, you’ll have to try to drive them in some other direction.

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