Dailymotion App Headed To Xbox One, Available On Preview Program

UWP based Dailymotion app makes a surprise appearance on Xbox One preview program. Looks more like a mobile application than the one on Windows 10

A Dailymotion app might soon be headed to Xbox One if this image from the latest Preview program update is to be believed. The images were uploaded on Reddit by user CWade3051 only a few hours ago so the appearance of the application is not only a surprise but also quite recent.

Microsoft has a partnership with Dailymotion in the past too and their video streaming application was available on Xbox 360. It felt weird only having YouTube for streaming purposes on Xbox One all this time when even Sony’s PlayStation 4 had an application for Dailymotion.

Judging from the design of the Dailymotion app, it seems to be in very early stages and rough around the edges. In fact, it looks pretty much the same as mobile app with just the added support for controller use.

Since the Dailymotion app is based on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, creating the Xbox One Dailymotion app shouldn’t be much of a problem if it’s based on the Windows 10, which is pretty decent and works very well.

Exactly when the app will be leaving the Preview program and be available for every user is still unclear but hopefully it is soon as it’s a good alternate to have besides YouTube.

Another exciting possibility with the inclusion of this app is potentially the ability to allow users to upload their Xbox One gameplay videos directly to Dailymotion instead of on Microsoft’s own Xbox Video platform.

While uploading to Xbox Video might be easy, in fact the video gets uploaded automatically whenever the player records and saves footage, the quality of those video clips is really bad and sharing them with other people is a big problem because they are only available on the Xbox website (and a few other 3rd party pages that pull data from Xbox site).

Hopefully Microsoft thinks about adding this feature so that uploading and sharing gameplay clips can be as easy as it is on PS4.

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