Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup Walkthrough

In this Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup guide, we have the complete The Pickup mission walkthrough for you. The Pickup is a main story mission you can do after completing ‘The Ride‘ mission. This mission can pan out in several different ways depending on the choices you make.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup

At the start of The Pickup job, you will have two choices. Either call the Militech Agent or work without her.

Keep in mind that the choice you make here is crucial as it will have effects on the outcome of the rest of the mission.

Below we have listed all the different choices you can make and how the choice affects the mission.

Proceed without Phone call
If you choose to proceed with The Pickup job without the phone call, you will then have to breach the Militech base aggressively causing massive amounts of destruction.

Head inside the Militech base where you will have to engage in several fights. There will be minimal dialogue in this choice and a lot of combat.

At the end, you can fight with Royce or escape the Militech base stealthily.

Call the Militech Agent
If at the start you choose to call the Militech agent, she will pick up and be very angry. She will tell you the meeting point.

Head to the meeting point to meet Meredith, the Militech agent. When you reach the meeting point, she will still be very angry and start asking you questions.

In the dialogue with her, there will be some lifepath choices as well.

After the dialogue, she will tell you that you have to pay for the bot using a Militech Data shard. You will now have to decrypt the data shard.

To do so, head to the Shards menu from your journal and choose the Militech Shard from the menu.

You will need a code to decrypt the Shard. The code required is ‘BD BD FF 55 1C E9.’ The top sequence is ’55 1C E9′ and the bottom sequence is ‘BD BD FF 55’.

You will need to get both sequences right to get all the rewards.

Once you have entered the code, the malware will be neutralized. You will also unlock a new Quickhack by solving the puzzle.

After that is done, you will give verbal confirmation to her about the Shard being clear. Now head out of the meeting place and meet with Jackie who will be nearby.

During the dialogue, talk about Maelstrom.

Jackie will want to know your plan of dealing with Maelstrom, to which you have the following three options.

  • Doubt this’ll go smoothly
  • We’ll pay again, but with Militech cred.
  • $10000 We’ll buy it off ’em.

The first option means that you will have to fight the Maelstrom. The second option means that you will use the Militech Shard to pay them and the last option implies that you will be paying out of your pocket.

Choose the option you want to proceed with and when ready, follow Jackie to All Foods where the Maelstrom’s base is located.

Head to the intercom and respond to the question by saying Dex sent you. As you enter the Maelstrom base, go right to the back area to find a crate containing a shard and some other items.

Return back to Jackie and observe the Militech mines near the stairs.

Once you reach the Maelstrom lobby, use the elevator to meet Dum Dum. During the conversation, Jackie will get angry.

You can either calm him down or if you want, start a firefight with the Maelstrom. After dialogue with Dum Dum is done and the bot is brought in front of you, Royce, the new Maelstrom boss will arrive.

He will be angry and point a gun towards you. Now you will have to make a choice of either siding with Maelstrom or with Militech.

There will be four options you can choose from and each of them has a different outcome. We have listed the options below:

  • Shard Cleaned – Side with Maelstrom
  • Give Militech the bugged Shard – Side with Militech
  • Shard Cleaned – Side with Militech
  • Just Pure Chaos – Side with Militech

Shard Cleaned – Side with Maelstrom
In this option, tell Royce that you have a new deal for him and give him the Militech Shard. He will be pleased but will also ask who you are working with.

You will say it is Dex. Royce will then drop his gun. V will tell Royce that Militech is working against them and that the Datashard was first bugged but you have cleaned it.

In the meantime, Militech will be on you and you will have to escape through the ventilation system with Jackie and Dum Dum after picking up the bot.

Follow Dum Dum to the Red hallway where you will have to fight off the Militech reinforcements. After the fight is done, go to the first room to find the terminal to find the Militech Mole.

There is also an optional objective now to free Brick if you want to.

Your main objective will be to escape the ‘All Foods’ Maelstrom base. As you sided with Maelstrom in this choice, you will be helped by the Maelstrom forces against Militech enemies.

On your way out, you will have to help Royce who will be attacked by two Mechs. Use all the grenades you have to damage and destroy the Mechs and save Royce.

As you make your way out, you will see Militech waiting for you outside. But you will be saved by the Militech Mole’ Anthony Gilchrist’.

Side with Militech
If you choose the option to side with Militech, you will have to make your way out of the Maelstrom as they start attacking you.

It will be only you and Jackie vs. the Maelstrom people. You will also have to fight with Royce in his Mech suit if you don’t kill him at the meeting table.

If you start fighting with the Maelstrom before the drone bot is brought out to the meeting table, then you will have to head to the back room of the meeting table to get it yourself.

You will have to make your way out of All Foods Maelstrom base, where the Militech Agent will be waiting for you. She will be impressed by your work and applaud you.

Irrespective of the choice you make, once you are out of the Maelstrom base, talk with Jackie to finish Cyberpunk 2077 The Pickup mission and start The Heist.

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