Cyberpunk 2077 The Highwayman Walkthrough

Complete The Highwayman side job to get a fantastic Bike.

The Highwayman is one of the secret side jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. To unlock it, you first have to complete a main quest, ‘The Ride,’ that is available during the First Act. After completing the mission, navigate to the Santo Domingo district and fast-travel to Rancho Coronado.

Then, make your way up the hill by walking or taking any means of transport. As the Road ends, you will see the Petrochem Dam nearby. Take a left, and just around the corner, you will see a building with a horse marked on it. This marks the quest’s location.

Opening the shutter will reveal a garage with a totaled bike and a computer with a few messages. As you interact with the computer and the photo placed nearby, this will unlock the Highwayman quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

How to Find James

As you unlock the quest, you will have your initial task to find James. The quest information panel reveals James’ location to be near Japantown. Fast travel to Japantown Westbrook. After getting to Japantown, you must travel a bit further.

James is resting on a bench opposite the 24/7 Store in Cyberpunk 2077. Show him the image you found in the Building previously. He will shortly explain how the Tygers enveloped her in a troubled state. This will then mark the Find James sub-objective complete.

Also, take note of the art on the bench that displays the first four digits of the date ‘0214’. This information is essential and will come in handy in the latter stage of the quest.


Find out what happened to Josie

If you converse further with James, he will inform you about her last whereabouts, the Metro Ebunike. Fast travel to the location, take the staircase leading to a pair of vendors and then equip your scanner.

As you equip your scanner, you will see a blood spatter on the floor. It will then showcase a chain of blood spatters on the floor.

Follow the blood spatter lead until you reach the back of the building, where you will find a body with a possible ID of Josie near the trash dumpster. Obtain her phone to gather further intel on her messages.

Find James and Confront Him

Further investigation leads to the conclusion of James’s involvement in Josie’s death. Now you must go back to where you found James to confront him about her love, Josie. Stay locked and loaded, as things might take a wild turn.

Choose your ending in Cyberpunk 2077: The Highwayman

As you confront James over his involvement in Josie’s death, he will lash at you, arguing about how his life was. However, as the argument settles, you are given a dialogue choice, one of which resorts to a peaceful understanding while the other might wreak havoc and chaos.

Peaceful ending

If you choose the dialogue, ‘So you had a choice.’ This will then showcase V scolding him until he resorts to the bench in a sorry state. This will then mark Find James and confront him subquest completed.

Fighting James ending

If you choose the other dialogue option, brace yourself for combat with James as he takes out his katana to kill you in Cyberpunk 2077. Make sure to equip your Slow-motion ability to counterattack him effectively and mitigate the damage he does with his katana.

Lending critical shots in slow motion can end the combat swiftly as he succumbs to his wounds quickly. Just fight him passively, as head-to-head fighting with the katana can take a massive chunk from your health pool.

Find the Stolen Tyger Claw Bike

As you kill James or he retires to his sorry state on the bench, the objective gets updated to Find the Stolen Tyger Claw Bike. Fast travel to All Foods Plants in Watson. As you find yourself there, look away from the All Foods plants and towards the right, and if you observe closely, you will notice the same Horse symbol. The arrow highlights the horse in the image below.

Head over there, and you will find another garage protected by a code. Worry not about the garage code in Cyberpunk 2077. As mentioned previously, take note of the four digits from James’s bench that had an art; that is exactly the code you have to enter, which means that the code is ‘0214‘.

Players have also reported a highwayman bug that revolves around the pin lock. However, it has been fixed, and the chances of encountering that bug are negligible.

After entering, you will get access to the garage, and this will complete the Highwayman side job.

The Highwayman Rewards

The conclusion of the Highwayman in Cyberpunk 2077 earns you an excellent bike called Nazare “Itsumade.” The bike has a top speed of 178 and can reach any part of Night City relatively fast. The rewards also include 574 Street Cred and 31 EXP.

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