Cyberpunk 2077 Starting Locations Will Vary Depending On Life Path You Choose

Cyberpunk 2077 starting locations will apparently vary depending on the life paths you choose in the beginning, according to a developer.

While all of Cyberpunk 2077 will be taking place in the game’s setting of Night City, that doesn’t mean that every game you play will start off the same way. According to a VG247 interview with CD Projekt RED developer Pawel Sasko, you’ll have different Cyberpunk 2077 starting locations depending on your life path.

Sasko serves CD Projekt RED as the lead quest developer on Cyberpunk 2077, so he would be positioned to know the most about this sort of thing. However, in the Twitter exchange about the locations, he refused to elaborate further because of spoilers.

Cyberpunk 2077 (and Cyberpunk 2020, the game it’s based on) have a number of rather unconventional roles that characters can play in them, including things like Rock Star, Journalist, Cop, Fixer, and more.

While 2077 will only have three of these classes (Netrunner, Solo, and Techie), that still means that you won’t have the same sort of starting point as other RPGs would normally have. You’re also not going to be locked into one class; for instance, you could start off as a Solo but gain a lot of Techie-based abilities by the end.

Each of these classes and the backgrounds behind them will tie into the story that goes along with each of the Cyberpunk 2077 starting locations, but until we actually get our hands on the games ourselves we won’t know how each different origin will make the game different, both in terms of starting it and how the world is when we play through it.

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be coming out on April 16, 2020, so there’s still a pretty long while to wait until we can actually get our hands on it. Hopefully in the meantime we’ll be able to see some gameplay from it, and maybe even how the Cyberpunk 2077 starting locations will differ from one another.

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