Cyberpunk 2077 Olive Branch walkthrough 

The Olive Branch quest will have you choose between helping a seemingly innocent man or Sergei in Cyberpunk 2077. Both options have consequences, and also rewards.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Olive Branch gig revolves around your moral decisions. In this quest, you will get to decide the fate of a character called Alex. When you approach the yellow quest marker at the start of the Olive Branch gig, Wakako Okada will contact you to brief you about the job details.

She provides you with an address where you can meet Sergei Karasinsky. This is the man who requested your help to fulfill the gig. The guide will tell you what to do to complete the quest. It will also guide you regarding the choice you need to make in the Olive Branch gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

Meet Sergei outside the garage 

You will spot Sergei waiting for your arrival as you reach the designated location. After ranting about his relationship with the Tyger Claws, he will inform you that he wants to make peace with the gang by sending a present with your help. It will also be revealed that the present is nothing else but a fancy-looking car. 

Go inside the garage 

After finishing the conversation with Sergei, wait for him to board his car. Afterward, enter the garage from the small metal door in the Olive Branch gig in Cyberpunk 2077. You can loot a few useful items before approaching the car. Everything will seem normal, like a friendly peace offering. However, you will soon realize the true offering isn’t the car but a scared hostage in the car’s trunk.  

When V asks him about his identity, the man utters that he is Alex Pushkin, a senior Assistant in Quality Assurance at Biotechnica. His only mistake was to refuse the Tyger Claws’ offer, which is why he is being presented to their leader as a penalty. Now, you have two options: 

Let Alex go 

If you believe Alex, you can let him out of the trunk and save him from the wrath of the Tyger Claws’ leader. This will immediately end the Olive Branch gig, with you getting rewards for doing so. There are no reprimands for you in this approach, so you can go on as normal without fearing Sergei or Tyger Claws.

Additionally, ending the gig in this way rewards you with more Eddies. However, remember that letting Alex go means Sergei has to die. The Tyger Claws did not receive their present so they will take it out on Sergei. Although saving Alex is morally right, putting Sergei on the deathbed is also not the best thing to do.  

Close the trunk and deliver Alex 

If you want to do the gig as intended, close the trunk after Alex finishes talking. You can drive the car to the Tyger Claws hideout, converse with the top gang members, and then deliver the present to their leader.  

This choice can be justified by many players who consider Sergei as a professional partner. Alex is just a hostage whose background is unknown to us. Besides, Sergei will pay you after the completion of the Olive Branch gig in Cyberpunk 2077. While Alex doesn’t directly benefit you if you free him from the trunk. 

Should you let Alex out or close the trunk? 

Both depend upon how you think. If you consider Sergei more important, then you can close the trunk and deliver Alex to save the gig provider.  

However, if you consider Alex innocent and don’t want him to be killed, then you can help him flee from certain death. This way, you will also receive more rewards than the other choice. 

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