Best Motorcycles In Cyberpunk 2077

The need for speed.

Exploring Night City can be pretty time-consuming if you are running from mission to mission. Having the fastest motorcycles allows you to not only save traveling time but also to evade pursuits in Cyberpunk 2077.

With a plethora of motorcycles available in the game, you must take into account different attributes such as Horsepower, Handling, and Speed to find the fastest bikes in Night City.

Many players prefer bikes due to the command they have on their drive and also the fact that some of them offer a lot more value than cars prize-wise.

In this guide, we will be entailing every bike ranked by their top speed and how one can obtain it.  

Fastest motorcycles ranked in Cyberpunk 2077

Before jumping ahead, note that there are generally two ways to get a motorbike in Night City. You can either buy or steal them through Fixers who will call or text you with a location of a vehicle. Some bike variants can also be obtained by completing certain side jobs.

3. Brennan Apollo Basic

The Brennan Apollo Basic bike in Cyberpunk 2077.

Top Speed: 136 MPH
Horsepower: 94
Variant(s): Brennan “Off Road” Model, Brennan Apollo “Scorpion”

The Brennan Apollo Basic is perfect for beginners. You can use it to get accustomed to its drive and explore Night City. Although its design is quite boring, it makes up for it by giving players a free helmet when they purchase it.

Its two variants: the Brennan “Off Road” and the Brennan Apollo “ Scorpion”, offer the same stats as well albeit with differences in bodywork and paint jobs.

The Scorpion has the most striking appearance out of the three whilst the off-road model handles rough terrain better as compared to its counterparts.

All three are equally good when it comes to riding the fastest motorcycles in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Off-Road variant of the Brennan bike in Cyberpunk 2077.

Where to get them:
To obtain the Brenna Apollo Basic, players have no choice but to steal it from someone in Night City.

The off-road version can be bought for $94,000 from Heywood provided you have a Street Cred level of 30.

The Scorpion can be obtained by completing the mission “ Life During Wartime” in Cyberpunk 2077.

2. Arch Nazare

Top Speed: 178 MPH
Horsepower: 170
Variant(s): Arch Nazare Itsumade, Jackie’s ARCH, ARCH Nazare Racer

The Arch Nazare is based on the real-life ARCH Method 143 bike model, which is produced by a company founded by none other than Keanu Reeves (wake up soldier!!).

The Arch Nazare is the second fastest bike on this list and is built for Corpos in Cyberpunk 2077. This bike is also the most expensive on this list, costing a whopping $138,000. However, its two variants can be obtained for free after completing some side jobs.

The Arch Nazare’s first variant, Arch Nazare Itsumade, features a catchy sea-green paint job and other differences in its bodywork while retaining the same HP and Top Speed. This variant, like the Yaiba Kusanagi Tyger Claw Custom, is also owned by a member of the Tyger Claw gang.

The Arch Nazare Itsumade variant is one of the prettiest bikes in Night City.

Jackie’s ARCH is another variant that holds sentimental value for players as it’s Jackie Welles’s bike, which is V’s friend throughout the story. This bike also maintains the same top speed and HP; although it features a stunning dark black, gold, and red colored bodywork.

Where to get them:
You can buy the default Arch Nazare from Westbrook for $138,000 provided you have a Street Cred level of 40.

The ARCH Nazare Itsumade can be obtained by completing the Side Job The Highwayman. As for Jackie’s Arch, you have to complete the “Heroes” side quest after which you will get the bike for free.

The ARCH Nazare Racer can be bought for $138,000 from Westbrook provided you have a Street Cred level of 40.

1.  Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X

The Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X is the fastest bike in Cyberpunk 2077.

Top Speed: 189 MPH
Horsepower: 183
Variant(s): Yaiba Kusanagi Tyger Claw Custom

The Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X is the fastest bike in Cyberpunk 2077, matched in speed only by its variant, the Yaiba Kusanagi Tyger Claw Custom.

With its sleek design and anime referencing in its paint job, it’s also one of the most aesthetically pleasing bikes in the game; perfectly encapsulating the vibe of Night City.

Just don’t go off-roading with it; it doesn’t handle that sort of terrain well. That being said, this is still the best motorcycle you can get in Cyberpunk 2077.

Its variant, the Yaiba Kusanagi Tyger Claw Custom, looks a lot different than its base model but retains the same HP and Speed stats.

Where to get them:
You can get this motorcycle from Westbrook; provided you have a Street Cred of level 12 and $22,000.

Its variant, the Yaiba Kusanagi Tyger Claw Custom cannot be purchased as it is owned by a member of the Tyger Claw gang. You must steal it from the streets of Westbrook to ride it.

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