Cyberpunk 2077 Every Breath You Take Walkthrough

Blue Moon has a stalker problem that needs to be taken care of.

Every Breath You Take is another gig where you need to help out a person in trouble in Cyberpunk 2077. In this case, that person is Blue Moon who is receiving death threats from a stalker.

She will ask you for your help in finding and identifying the stalker, which you naturally cannot ignore. Something interesting that you will face in the mission is deciding what to do with her stalker.

Blue Moon does not want you to kill her stalker. You will have an option to spare the stalker, but should you? Here is the best choice that you can make to complete Every Breath You Take.

How to unlock and start “Every Breath You Take”

“I Don’t Wanna Hear It” and “Off the Leash” are two side jobs that you must complete to unlock the Every Breath You Take gig in Cyberpunk 2077.

Moreover, you must ensure that you take the friendly route when doing “I Don’t Wanna Hear It”, and do not threaten the girls.

Once you do so, you will get a call from Blue Moon, a member of Us Cracks, informing you about her problems with a stalker.


How to complete Every Breath You Take in Cyberpunk 2077

Blue Moon’s plan is to meet you at Kabuki Roundabout, where she will walk around in hopes of the stalker revealing themselves. You must agree to meet her there, and then keep a close eye on her while also looking around for the stalker.

However, if you get too close to Blue Moon or follow her too close up, she will call the mission off, thus, it is recommended that you maintain a distance from her of around 15 meters. You will also fail if you get too far, or if you abandon Blue Moon and the stalker kills her.

You can identify the stalker by her pink rabbit backpack and her brown ponytail. She will come up to Blue Moon and take a picture with her, introducing herself as Green Cloud.

This should confirm her identity as Blue Moon will have told you that the stalker uses the initials ‘GC’. Once identified, you can come up to her and if you choose to ask her what she was doing in the gun shop, she will become cautious of you and attack you, in which case you can either knock her unconscious or kill her.

Another option is to follow either Green Cloud or Blue Moon until they get to the footbridge, where Green Cloud will confront Blue Moon and pull out her weapon. You can then deal with her there.

Should you kill the stalker or not in Every Breath You Take?

When you initially take up the mission, Blue Moon tells you that you shouldn’t kill the stalker as that would bring negative attention to Us Cracks.

You can thus avail the option of not killing her, and merely incapacitating her, in which case you will collect the evidence from her and wait for the badges to come get her.

However, you also have to keep in mind that if arrested, the stalker won’t get life imprisonment and after her release, you will most likely have to deal with her again.

Thus, you can choose to eliminate the stalker and rationalize it, which will disappoint Blue Moon for a little while, but have no serious repercussions for you.

After you kill her, get the evidence from her body confirming that she is the stalker, and then Blue Moon will transfer you the Eddies.

In either case, the reward will remain the same, which is €$4950 / 570 XP / Street Cred XP.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Every Breath You Take bugs and fixes

One of the most common bugs that you can face here is being unable to trigger Blue Moon’s quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

If Every Breath You Take is not starting, it is because you threatened the Us Cracked during Kerry’s “Don’t Wanna Hear It” mission. This is an important prerequisite of starting Every Breath You Take.

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