Cyberpunk 2077 Epistrophy Walkthrough

The Epistrophy is a weird side job in Cyberpunk 2077 that will have you chase taxis of all things. Here's how to finish it.

Cyberpunk offers a variety of side missions you can pick up for extra street cred. You can also get some XP and money by doing these in the game. This guide will be detailed on one side mission known as Epistrophy in Cyberpunk 2077. This is accessible after a series of side missions that start from Human Nature.

After you complete the Tune Up side mission, you will be in Delamain’s office. He will ask you to come in the garage so you two can have a private word. Accepting his invitation will trigger the mission. The Epistrophy mission will lead you on a manhunt, except you will be hunting corrupted taxis.

Delamain will explain that some of his self-driving taxis have gotten out of his control due to an advanced virus. You must locate all of the seven taxis. He will ask you to locate the taxis, while he works to get them under control remotely.

Activating the mission

Once the Tune-Up mission is completed, Delamain will ask you to accompany the drone into the garages so he can have a private word with you. The drone will give you a brief tour of the factory and take you to the control room where Delamain controls his taxis.

Your character will notice the red blips on several screens and inquire about them. Delamain will explain that those vehicles are no longer under his control and have gone off track due to an unexpected and advanced virus. 

He will require your services to regain control over his vehicles and will pay you gladly. Picking this mission will earn you a solid 7980$ in-game if you manage to get all the vehicles. He will give you a scanner that will scan the vehicles automatically and grant him access to the vehicles. All you will need to do is to stay in range. 


You can approach any car in any order you like in the Epistrophy mission in Cyberpunk 2077.


northside taxi location cyberpunk 2077

One vehicle is found in the Northside, on the location shown on the map. This vehicle will be hiding in the parking of a storage unit area. This particular vehicle will be scared to death for no apparent reason. It will try to flee from the scene.

You will need to chase it down while making sure you stay in range for the scanner to work its magic.


wellsprings taxi location cyberpunk 2077

Wellsprings is where you will find your next vehicle, or rather, it will find you. This one will be in quite a bad mood, yelling slurs and running over anyone it spots. You will need to first stay in the scanning range for a bit, and when the car starts attacking you, fight fire with fire.

Whip out your arsenal and start damaging the car in the Epistrophy quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Then, and only then, will this car be saved. You must not destroy this taxi.

 North Oak 

north oak location in cyberpunk 2077

North Oak area will also have a vehicle in hiding. This vehicle will be going in circles around a roundabout. It sounds sad and depressed at first and also shows a glimpse of fear. Eventually, the vehicle will offer itself to you, and you must take it back to Delamain’s garage.

You will need to be extremely careful with this one, as if you try to drive rough, it will immediately apply the brakes and stop itself from moving. It will allow you to drive after a few moments, but it can become a frustrating experience. Once smoothly delivered to the garage, your fee will be deposited into the account. 


badlands taxi location in cyberpunk 2077

Badlands is a massive junkyard, and you will have some difficulty in finding it. Luckily, Delamain will already mark it, so all you need to do is approach it on foot in the Epistrophy quest in Cyberpunk 2077. This car will be easier to capture than the others. However, you will be a bit puzzled after this encounter. 

As you approach the car, it will open the back door and ask you to get in. The car will talk like a rebel teenager and express the hatred it holds for Delamain. This one is sure to stir up things in your head. After the dialogue ends, it will ask you to stay out of its way. Shortly after, Delamain will contact you to inform you that he has regained control and transferred your fee into your account. 


coastview taxi location in cyberpunk 2077

The weirdest taxi of the bunch will be in Coastview. This is a maniac wanting to go on a serial killing purge. This one will first disturbingly greet you, telling you things like “your specimen is ready”. It will perform some “test” on you but ultimately try to kill you.

The car will lead you into a slow chase at first, then stop at a place where several delusional NC Residents will be hanging around. It will stop and then suddenly hack all the people around it and program them to kill you. 

You will now need to fight them all which is a tough fight. After you’re done killing them all, turn back to the car and have a dialogue telling it to stop. Instead, the car will start insulting you about being a loner and a horrible person.

After it is done insulting you, it will drive off, and Delamain will inform you that he will have recovered his access to the vehicle. He will call for confirmation and tell you that your fee has been deposited into your account. 

The Glen

the glen location in cyberpunk 2077

The Glen will also harbor a vehicle you need to get back from its original owner. The vehicle in this area will exhibit depressed characteristics. You can tell this by one glance at how it will be hanging on to the edge of the cliff, ready to die.

This vehicle will need a pep talk to calm it down and back away from the cliff. Choose the best soothing dialogue options to give it hope for the future in the Epistrophy quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Keep it in scanner range until Delamain gives you the A-Okay signal.

Rancho Coronado

rancho corondo taxi location in cyberpunk 2077

The last vehicle will be hiding in Rancho Coronado. This one is insane and will have opinions like flamingos are weird creatures that must be destroyed. It will keep on driving around like a maniac. To calm it down, you must destroy all of the nearby flamingo statues.

All of them will be marked, so you will not have any issue finding them in the Epistrophy quest in Cyberpunk 2077. You can destroy them by running them over by your car, or if you are not that great of a driver, you can always get out and test your shooting skills.

Once you destroy the last one, the vehicle will calm down a bit and give Delamain enough time to access it and regain his control. Delamain will once again contact you to confirm the control and transfer of funds. Afterward, he’ll ask you to return to where you met him first. Once you do, he’ll take back the scanner and the quest will end.

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