Cyberpunk 2077 Epistrophy Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be going over the exact location of each of the 8 Delamain cabs that you have to find to complete Cyberpunk 2077 Epistrophy side job.

Cyberpunk 2077 Epistrophy

Epistrophy is the name of a side quest in CP 2077, which you’ll be able to do after you finish off the heist mission in the main campaign with Jackie Welles.

This side quest contains a series of missions where you have to locate 7 rogue Delamain cabs in Night City.

When you’re doing the quest, you’ll have indicators on your map, which will give you a general idea of where the cab could be, but you can’t discern the exact location from them.

This is why we’ll be walking you through the exact location of each of the 8 Delamain cabs that you have to find to complete Epistrophy, as well as what you need to do after finding these cabs.

How to Unlock the Epistrophy Side Job

You have to first play through the campaign until the point where you finish off The Heist mission with Jackie Welles. This mission happens relatively early in the campaign, so this shouldn’t take much time.

Before you get this mission, you’ll get another basic mission called ‘Tune Up.’

You’ll get this mission after you pick up your car from the specified parking lot and subsequently get into an accident with a Delamain cab.

After you talk to Delamain himself, he’ll invite you to the Delamain HQ to compensate you.

After your car is fixed up, you’ll be able to start the Epistrophy quest by talking to him. In this quest, you’ll receive seven Side Jobs in your Journal, one for each cab.

When this quest starts, Delamain will give you a special scanner which you need to use to scan the cars. You can do this by approaching the cars, scanning them, and staying within the scanning range until the scan is complete.

Now that you know how to unlock the quest, let’s jump into the exact locations of all the rogue Delamain cabs.

Wellsprings Delamain Cab Location

In the Wellsprings area, travel to the Parque Del Mar fast travel station and look for the cab on the road adjacent to the shore.

Once you’ve found the cab, your next objective will be to destroy it. If you’re in a car yourself, you can do this by crashing into the cab.

If you’re on a motorcycle, or you just don’t want to damage your own car, you can just shoot it a few times with a weapon to destroy it.

North Oak Delamain Cab Location

This Delamain cab is located at the big roundabout at the base of the hill in North Oak, right next to the large North Oak sign.

After finding the cab, enter it and carefully drive it back to the Delamain HQ. If you drive too rough, then you’ll fail the mission and will have to start over again.

Badlands Delamain Cab Location

This Delamain cab is located right in the center of the massive landfill in the Badlands area.

All you need to do after finding the cab is to sit in it to finish this mission.

The Glen Delamain Cab Location

This Delamain cab is located on the road adjacent to the river in the southern section of Heywood.

When you get near the cab, it’ll drive away and it’ll try to kill itself by driving off the cliff there.

You need to catch up to the cab and talk to it. You’ll be able to talk it out of suicide and complete the mission by choosing the following dialogue option:

“Suicide isn’t a way out.”

If you’re feeling a bit villainous, you can also push it into the river to complete the mission.

Northside Delamain Cab Location

This Delamain cab is a bit trickier to find than the rest because of the fact that you won’t be given a marker for its general position.

The cab will be located in a yard on the opposite side of the road from the Longshore North fast travel station.

When you find the car and try to get near it to get a scan, it’ll start driving away; so prepare yourself for a long chase.

You have to chase the car and keep sight of it until it crashes into a building and stops.

You can then scan the cab to complete this mission.

Coastview Delamain Cab Location

This Delamain cab is located close to the Drop Point, which is to the left of the stadium in the Coastview area.

This cab will also lead you on a chase once you approach, but this chase will be much more dangerous.

When the car is about to bring you under the bridge, exit your vehicle instantly because you’re about to get ambushed.

The enemies will be armed with guns and explosives and they’ll try to blow up your vehicle. Swiftly eliminate them and grab their loot, then talk to the cab again to complete this mission.

Rancho Coronado Cab Location

This Delamain cab is located in the residential area right next to the electric tower.

Once again, you’ll be lead on a chase by this cab as you approach it. But the catch this time is that you’ll have to smash some flamingo figurines as you’re trailing the cab.

The locations of these flamingos will be marked on your map. You have to destroy a total of eight flamingos and then interact with the cab again to finish the mission.

Epistrophy Rewards

After you’ve completed all seven Side Jobs, make your way back to the Delamain HQ and give the scanner back to Delamain.

Doing so will fully complete the Epistrophy mission of Cyberpunk 2077.  You’ll be rewarded with experience, eurodollars and street cred.