How To Get Byakko Katana In Cyberpunk 2077 

The Byakko Katana is an awesome weapon that belongs to Wakako Okada in Cyberpunk 2077. She is a fixer based in Japantown. You'll have to do some gigs for her before you can get this weapon.

The Byakko Katana is a reward you can obtain in the base Cyberpunk 2077 game. It became available following the 1.5 update. You will get it from Wakako Okada, one of the most notorious fixers in Japantown. She is known for outliving all five of her husbands and owning this weapon.

You must complete a few gigs for her before you can get this weapon. In this guide, we will review how you can obtain the Byakko Katana in Cyberpunk 2077. We will cover what gigs you need to complete and where it is found after completing all prerequisites.

Byakko Katana Location in Cyberpunk 2077 

The Byakko Katana can be obtained by completing a series of gigs for Wakako Okada in Cyberpunk 2077.  She is also a part of a few main and side jobs, but completing them does not make you progress in obtaining the Byakko Katana. In total, you will have to complete eight gigs across four tiers. These include: 

  • Tier 1 Gigs: 
    • Tyger and Vulture 
    • We Have Your Wife 
  • Tier 2 Gigs: 
    • Greed Never Pays 
    • Olive Branch 
    • Until Death Do Us Part 
  • Tier 3 Gigs:  
    • Getting Warmer… 
    • Wakako’s Favorite 
  • Tier 4 Gigs:  
    • A Shrine Defiled  

Once you’ve completed these gigs, you will receive a call from Wakako Okada. She will have one final gig for you titled Professional Widow. This does not require much work other than just collecting your reward. You will receive a text from her thanking you for your services as well as wanting to give you a special weapon for your services.

After you receive this text, go to your apartment and access your stash. The Byakko Katana will be present there and will be yours for the taking. 

Byakko Katana Stats

The Byakko Katana deals 176.4 DPS of damage. Its description reads: “Spent most of the collecting dust on Wakako’s desk. Except for the occasional heated negotiation.” It has the following stats: 

+37-45 Physical damage 
+2% Critical chance 
+15% Critical damage 
+30% Bleeding chance  

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