Only 7% Players Completed Cuphead on Xbox One

Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game which is heavily based on the boss battles inspired by 1930s cartoons. It passed 2 million sales in three months after selling one million in two weeks last year. People have mixed opinions about the game, some find it hard to play and some find it quite fun.

However, it seems those who consider it hard to play outweigh the number of people who are having fun. According to Reddit post, only 7% players have defeated the final boss on Xbox One.

I’ve been playing Cuphead, and I noticed that a lot of the achievements (including the unmissable ones) are considered rare. For example, only 7% of players have gotten the achievement for beating the final boss.

Why is this? I find it strange that so few people have finished it even though it’s a highly acclaimed game. I know it’s hard, but if it’s so hard that most people gave up on it, does that mean that people don’t like it? Are people just getting bored of it before finishing it?

To be honest, Cuphead is harder than an average game you will ever play, there are a variety of different bosses in the game which can be so tiring that you will give up. You’ll have to grind a lot and some moves in the games are unavoidable which are enough for someone to give up.

People are mostly commenting about the hard levels and undefeatable bosses in it. The game tests your patience beyond you can ever imagine. So next time when you decide to buy the game keep in mind there are chances of you giving up on it sooner than you may think.

Well, don’t feel bad if you are someone who likes to take challenges this might be the game for you. You can increase the overall completion rate by getting those achievements.

If you want to complete all levels without killing then we have a guide for you which will make your life a lot easier.

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