How to Get Snail Shells in Cult of the Lamb

In Cult of the Lamb, Snail shells are optional collectibles required to unlock the Snail Follower skin. The Snail Shells are rare and mysterious and thereby hard to come across. This guide explains how to get Snail Shells in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb Snail Shells Locations

In Cult of the Lamb, Snail shells can be obtained by defeating the small green snails found during Crusade runs. Once you have spotted a snail, simply attack it, and if you’re lucky it’ll drop a Snail Shell.

The snails are extremely rare, in fact, they are found in only two different locations in the game. Snail Shells are found exclusively in Darkwood or Anura.

Head to either of the locations and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find yourself a snail. But still, it is not guaranteed that you’ll find the Snail Shell because the snails don’t drop a Snail Shell every time.

How to Unlock the Snail Follower Skin

The Snail Follower Skin is one of the harder ones to get so here we’ll explain how to unlock it.

You can warp from your cult’s teleport pad to each of the five different locations, there’s a hidden snail shrine just off the side of the walkable space. This is easily lost in the background art so look attentively.

You need to supply a Snail shell to each shrine. So, once you get 5 Snail shells, offer them to each shrine and you’ll unlock the Snail Follower skin.

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