Cult of the Lamb Best Mods

The following guide will help you with Cult of the Lamb Mods and discuss the best ones available for you to install right now.

Cult of the Lamb mods adds additional gameplay and aesthetic features to help bolster your experience of the game. Additional features can range from game-changing mechanics to simple tweaks that improve the overall player experience.

The following guide will help you with Cult of the Lamb Mods and discuss the best ones available for you to install right now.

How to Install Mods in Cult of the Lamb

Mods for Cult of the Lamb can be downloaded from the website Nexusmods.

Make a new account or log in to your previous one, and simply enter the search bar “Cult of the Lamb”. Every mod available on the website will pop up.

Installing mods for each game is a very similar process, however some odd times you may have to download additional software to make a mod work.

There are two methods for installing the mod on your game: through Nexus’s official Mod Manager application or the manual installing process.

The second method is more complicated and will require the extraction of the mod files inside a specified folder and copying of that folder inside the game’s data folder that includes its .exe file.

Once the process is completed restart your game to enjoy the Mod features.

Best mods in Cult of the Lamb

The following include some of the best available Cult of the Lamb mods.

Cult of QoL Collection

This is not just one mod but a collection of them. It includes tonnes of additional gameplay and aesthetic features with the developer promising to add more down the line. So, it is in a way a one-step solution to your modding needs.

Added features include the ability to skip intros, Collect tithes/inspire all at once, maneuver through the fishing mini-game, and reverse the 200-damage cap.

Players can also expect features including the ability to unlock twitch items and the ability to increase day duration in upcoming updates.


This is a very useful mod that will force your game to make an unencrypted save file when saving the game. This save file can then later be modified as you desire.


Like the name suggests this mod will immortalize your entire cult, simply install, enable, and say no to death.

The mod can be removed to disable the immortality feature.

Custom fleece values

This mod can be used to modify the type of rewards and number of cards received from the fleece of the fates.

The options include


  • One hit mode (optional)
  • Modifiable increment amounts


  • Every second chest earns the maximum card level


  • Modifiable card count at first


This mod can be used to switch negative traits with positive ones when indoctrinating a new follower. The change will be permanent for every new follower since the mod was installed.

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