How To Get Meat In Cult Of The Lamb

When you are not crusading, you must be farming and harvesting resources for your followers and camp in Cult of the Lamb. That includes getting meat which is a pretty important resource.

There are two types of meat in the game: regular and follower meat. Read on to know how to get them in Cult of the Lamb.

How To Get Regular Meat

Regular meat is used in cooking recipes and can be obtained by Offering Statues. It is the best method by which you can farm meat. There are not much of chances to actually get meat from this method because of its RNG-based nature.

Another method of getting meat in Cult of the Lamb is by building a Missionary. It will have your followers look for it because of its Divine Inspiration.

Birds can be trapped and later used for meat. It can be done by using upgraded scarecrows.

The campfires also can be used to contribute to fulfilling the need for meat. During crusading, none of the campfires can be destroyed to get meat.

How To Get Follower Meat

Getting this kind of meat is not going to be easy on your conscious. You must kill or sacrifice one of your followers to get some follower meat. That being said, you can attack the environment in Helob’s shop for a chance of obtaining follower meat without any guilt.

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