How to Defeat Heket in Cult of the Lamb

Heket is the second bishop of the old faith that you will encounter in the Anura region in Cult of...

Heket is the second bishop of the old faith that you will encounter in the Anura region in Cult of the Lamb. Heket is a Frog-like boss that will instantly mutate into a gigantic four-eyed frog demon when you encounter it. This guide will give information regarding the boss, where to find it, and how to defeat it.

Where to Find Anura Bishop Heket

To get to the Anura Bishop, Heket, you will have to defeat the mini bosses mentioned below,

  • Gusion
  • Eligos
  • Zepar

After you have defeated them, you will find Heket at the end of your run.

How to Defeat Heket in the Cult of Lamb

Just like its frog-like appearance, expect the boss to jump around that will create shockwaves dealing damage. You can run away from the shockwave and rush towards the boss landing couple of hits. Then Heket will throw bombs at you that will be marked on the floor, move away to avoid them.

As expected of a frog, the boss will shoot its tongue at a marked area. You can avoid the tongue and deal some major damage to the boss.

Lastly, the boss will spawn toads throughout the battle that will pose no threat. But their increasing number will cause issues later in the battle. You can also use Heket’s attacks against them.

Eventually, Heket will just transform into Phase 2 mode, unleashing a bomb barrage at you that will be marked with big circles on the floor.

The bouncing attacks will intensify as well. You will have to then time your attacks correctly since the boss will just bounce around randomly.

After draining half the health of the boss, it will growl and spawn toads, the two enemies that she will spawn will be the mini-bosses with some boosted stats. Heket will move away until you clean out those two mini-bosses. You could use this time to also deal with the trash mobs if you want to.

Heket will jump back in once both of the mini-bosses are defeated. The boss will jump towards the door and shoot out around 10 circles. You can use this moment and do massive damage finally finishing it off.

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