Should You Bow/Refuse Bishops In Cult Of The Lamb?

Bishops are leaders of their own cult who you will eventually face as you progress in Cult of the Lamb....

Bishops are leaders of their own cult who you will eventually face as you progress in Cult of the Lamb. Upon encountering a Bishop, you will have two options. You can either choose to bow to the Bishop or proceed on to creating an entirely new cult by refusing to bow.

The following article provides details of events and the consequences of each choice. Read on to learn what happens after you choose either option in Cult of the Lamb.

What Happens If You Bow/Refuse Bishops In Cult Of The Lamb

The main targets of these four Bishops are you and The One Who Waits. They will do anything to stop you. For this purpose, you will face them in their Cursed Lands and on each Crusade, you will be presented with a choice to refuse or bow to them.

Remember that you are the leader of your cult and it is natural for the followers of a cult to lose faith if their leader bowed to someone else. No one will be willing to follow you anymore if you bow to the Bishops. This will result in the loss of 20 Faith of your followers and you being labeled as miserable by the Bishops.

Bowing to the Bishops sounds unpleasant but remember that by refusing, you will not be able to get out of the situation easily. Naturally, as a leader of your cult, you might decide to do so but be prepared for a difficult battle. You will have to face their punishment for refusing them. These fights include strong enemies thus, you will have to put some effort into defeating them.

Ensure that you have enough resources, and followers and are fully prepared for the tough battles with the Bishops. You must have a well-developed farm so that your followers are well fed which will enable them to constantly look for resources that you can use to create items helpful for the battles.


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