Cult of the Lamb Crafting Guide

Cults are not easy to run and you need a lot of stuff to make sure that everything is running properly. Now, being a cult, it’s better that you get your followers to craft the items for you instead of going out to buy everything on your own. In Cult of the Lamb, you constantly need to craft everything to make sure everything goes on smoothly and crafting is not easy, nor simple in Cult of the Lamb.

This guide will help you learn what you need to craft, how to find new blueprints and how to craft efficiently.

How to Craft in Cult of the Lamb

Crafting is entirely done through the Workbenches. Your first workbench is placed by default in your hub location, and you can start using this one workbench to start crafting whatever you need.

As you progress, you can always get more workbenches for yourself so you can craft multiple items at once.

To craft anything, you can see the recipe of the item or structure that you are planning to craft, and you need to get the required resources as well as the required amount of money to craft the item, and your crafting will begin.


The resources that you need for crafting your structures and items are found all around the world. Some resources are found later on in the game, some are found in the early area, and some are not found at all, but need to be crafted from other basic resources.


As you progress, you’d unlock much more intricate recipes to make for yourself, and you need many higher-tier resources for these. These high-tier resources are not always found in the world, and you need to make them yourself.

For making better resources, you need to craft a Refinery for yourself. This one structure allows you to refine anything you want to and make high-tier materials for yourself. Refinery is also made in your workbench, so you might want to start saving up for a refinery early on in the game.

You can only refine your material for one tier at a time. For example, Lumber can only be refined to Wooden Planks, and then you need to further refine the Wooden Planks if you need to. You cannot directly jump multiple tiers at once. This makes the process time-consuming, so it’s best to make over a couple of Refineries for yourself.

How to Unlock New Item Recipes

When you start crafting in Cult of the Lamb, you don’t have all the recipes that you need, or even might need in the game. Most of the recipes for item crafting need to be unlocked in the game.

Some of the recipes can be unlocked through Divine Inspiration. Divine Inspiration is a skill tree in the game and you can use Devotion to unlock various item recipes here.

Once you have amassed a certain amount of Devotion, you will get a Divine Inspiration point and you can then use it to unlock new recipes. This works much better in the late game when you have a lot of followers and you can generate a high amount of Devotion pretty quickly.

The main way you unlock new recipes is by using the blueprints for these items. These Blueprints are found in the different areas in the world of Cult of the Lamb. You can loot chests and you always have a chance of finding a new blueprint. These blueprints will also include new decorations and paths for you to unlock.

Other than farming the world, you can also buy a lot of blueprints from the merchants in the world.

As you progress, new blueprints will be added to the inventories of the merchants, and you can buy them anytime you want to. Only the merchants outside your Hub area will carry these blueprints.

It’s recommended that you go and buy these blueprints quickly as they will add up too fast and you’d need a large number of gold coins to buy them.

How to Efficiently Craft Items

Even if you have everything, crafting is a hugely time-consuming process. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can craft items faster for yourself.

The first thing you can do to increase the speed, as well as the effectiveness of your crafting process, is by assigning followers good Work and Worship Doctrines and Rituals. This will allow your followers to work faster and better for crafting.

You can also unlock other doctrines, such as the Glory of Construction, which unlocks a ritual that allows you to complete any unbuilt structure immediately. This allows you to not only build new structures faster but also upgrade your existing structures much faster.

You can also assign good worker traits to your followers, allowing them to mine and refine resources much faster. When recruiting followers, it’s best that you select the followers that have the best construction and working skills, so that it makes crafting everything easier.

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