Cult of the Lamb Crafting Guide

This guide will help you learn what you need to craft, how to find new blueprints and how to craft efficiently in Cult of the Lamb.

In Cult of the Lamb, you constantly need to craft everything to facilitate your followers properly and make sure everything goes smoothly. However, crafting is not easy, nor simple in Cult of the Lamb.

This guide will help you learn what you need to craft, how to find new blueprints, and how to craft efficiently.

How to Craft in Cult of the Lamb

Crafting is entirely done through the Workbenches. Your first workbench is placed by default in your hub location, and you can start using this one workbench to start crafting with your available resources and gold whenever you need it.

To craft anything, all you need to do is select the empty slot in your plot where you want to craft and select the structure you are planning to craft. You can then further create the structure of the placed building by interacting with the red diamonds there.

As you progress, you can always get more workbenches for yourself to craft multiple items simultaneously.

Even if you have everything, crafting is a hugely time-consuming process. To increase the speed of your crafting process, you can first assign followers good Work and Worship Doctrines and Rituals. You can also unlock other doctrines, such as the Glory of Construction, which unlocks a ritual that allows you to complete any unbuilt structure immediately.

You can also assign good worker traits to your followers, allowing them to mine and refine resources much faster.

How to Unlock New Item Recipes

The main way you unlock new recipes is by using the blueprints for these items. These Blueprints are found in different areas of the world of Cult of the Lamb. You can loot chests, and you always have a chance of finding a new blueprint.

Other than farming the world, you can also buy many blueprints from the world’s merchants. Some of the recipes can be unlocked through Divine Inspiration. Divine Inspiration is a skill tree in the game, and you can use Devotion to unlock various item recipes here.

Once you have amassed a certain amount of Devotion, you will get a Divine Inspiration point, which you can use to unlock new recipes. This works much better in the late game when you have a lot of followers, and you can generate a high amount of Devotion pretty quickly.

Cult of the Lamb crafting blueprints locations

In Cult of the Lamb, blueprints are dropped randomly throughout different regions in the game. However, certain blueprints will only spawn in their particular regions. Below, we have written down all the blueprints, the materials required to craft them, and their locations.

Farm Plot SignLumberX2Darkwood
Flower BarrowCamellia FlowersX1Darkwood
Stone WallStoneX1Darkwood
Large TorchStoneX2Darkwood
Hay PileGrassX2Darkwood
Stone FlagStoneX2Darkwood
Leshy TrophyGold BarsX4Darkwood
Camellia FlowersX8
Little MushroomsMushroomsX2Anura
Small Mushrooms CandleMushroomX2Anura
Mushroom SculptureGold BarsX16Anura
Mushroom FlagMushroomX1Anura
Stone MushroomStoneX3Anura
Pumpkin PilePumpkinX3Anura
Craved PumpkinPumpkinX1Anura
Heket TrophyGold BarsX4Anura
Crystal LampCrystal ShardX2Anchordeep
Crystal LanternCrystal ShardX3Anchordeep
Crystal RockCrystal ShardX3Anchordeep
Crystal StatueCrystal ShardX4Anchordeep
Stone SlabsX2
Crystal WindowCrystal ShardX2Anchordeep
Crystal TreeCrystal ShardX3Anchordeep
Kallamar TrophyGold BarsX4Anchordeep
Crystal ShardsX8
Spider Silk WallSpider SilkX3Silk Cradle
Giant SkullSpider SilkX4Silk Cradle
Spider LanternSpider SilkX4Silk Cradle
Spider PillarSpider SilkX7Silk Cradle
Spider TorchSpider SilkX3Silk Cradle
Web Crown SculptureSpider SilkX3Silk Cradle
Shamura TrophySpider SilkX8Silk Cradle
Gold BarsX4
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