Cult Of The Lamb Best Weapons

There are a variety of weapons that you can use to fight against your enemies. These weapons do not have...

There are a variety of weapons that you can use to fight against your enemies. These weapons do not have any magical powers, so with each run, powers and different abilities are granted to them that are temporary.

You will receive random items at the start of each crusade, but you can find several different weapons when progress through each crusade.

The following guide will explain all the weapon types and the best weapons to pick in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult Of The Lamb Weapon Types

There are five types of weapon categories in the game. Each weapon type is suitable for different situations. It is hence important to first understand what each weapon type does.

These are one of the weapons that you can find easily from the start of the game and the best weapon that new players can use while starting their training.

Players will find these when they visit Darkwood at the beginning of the game. In terms of speed and damage, Daggers are better than Swords and enable the players to attack the enemies with quick movement speeds.

You will obtain these once you have made several visits to Darkwood and then travel to Anura to find it. Axes have higher damage and range than swords and daggers however, in terms of speed, axes are a bit lacking.

You can find these in Darkwood once Leshy is defeated and also while traveling to Anura to face off against Heket – second Bishop. Gauntlets are not much effective on their own so combine them with different abilities and hit combinations to deal more damage to the enemies.

These are one of the heaviest weapons in the game which makes them slower than other weapons. Cult leaders will not be able to wield this weapon until you have gathered enough followers which will enable you to explore Anchordeep and Silk Cradle.

Best Cult Of The Lamb Weapons

It should be noted that the best players will find some use of all weapons featured in the game. There are few weapons that can be deemed useless. That being said, the following weapons are what you should be striving to get.

Bane Dagger
Daggers are the best weapon to deal with multiple attacks in a short interval of time. Bane Dagger is another form of Daggers that deals poison damage to the enemies which will continually damage them over some time.

Tempest Gauntlets
These Gauntlets have a very unique ability that increases their power and range after every hit while dealing combo attacks to the enemies. Thus, the last attack in a combo becomes the strongest one.

Necromantic Axe
The special ability of necromantic weapons is that they are able to summon a ghost which will help you by attacking an enemy. However, it will disappear after attacking them. You can combine this with the High Damage of the axes to easily defeat the enemies.

Zealous Weapons
These are special forms of weapons that will provide you with bonuses and with every attack, you will receive Devotion that will add up in your progress bar in addition to what your followers generate using their prayers.

Godly Weapons
These are the most powerful weapons and deal the highest damage to the enemies. Using just the right Tarot Cards with these weapons will enable you to get rid of the enemies very easily.

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