CryptoKitties Breeding Guide: How To Breed CryptoKitties? Breeding Rules, Breeding With CryptoKitties Owned By Others

In this CryptoKitties Breeding Guide we are going to talk about CryptoKitties Breeding, the rules of CryptoKitties Breeding and how you can breed with CryptoKitties that are owned by other users. You can breed in order to get CryptoKitties with different qualities and traits.

Kitties will not breed with siblings or parents and that can complicate things a little bit but by the end of this guide, you will know what you need to do in order to make it all happen.

CryptoKitties Breeding Guide

The following is all that you need to know about CryptoKitties Breeding.

CryptoKitties Breeding: How To Breed CryptoKitties?

After you purchase a Cruptokitty for yourself it is time to let it breed and make babies. Before you can decide the best match for your precious little Cryptokitty here are some words you must make yourself familiar with as a breeder.

  • Parents –  Mummy CryptoKitty and Daddy CryptoKitty
  • Siblings – Offspring having at least one parent in common
  • Sire/Siring – Being a daddy to more Cryptokitties
  • Matron – Being mummy to more Crytokitties
  • Cooldown – Period during which the Cryptokitty is in the recovery phase after breeding

CryptoKitties Breeding: Rules For Breeding CryptoKitties 

  • Two CryptoKitties can breed but not with their siblings or parents.
  • CryptoKitties can only be owned by either the same user or one offers a Cryptokitty for siring to another user.
  • If a user owns two Cryptokitties that are not related, he/she can use one as a sire and the other as matron.
  • There are no genders
  • After breeding, the matron becomes pregnant and under cooldown, both parents enter the recovery phase.
  • Every Cryptokitty’s cooldown period increases each time it breeds.
  • The matron can engage in breeding as soon as its cooldown is complete.

CryptoKitties Breeding: Breeding with CryptoKitties Owned By Other Users

In case you provide the matron and get a sire, two things can happen:

  • The owner of the Cryptokitty can allow siring to another Ethereum address
  • The owner of the other CryptoKitty may submit their Cryptokitty into a clock auction. The highest bidder then has to supply their matron.

Once the user has the Cryptokitty ownership approved, they can claim the Cryptokitty. You can also learn how you can buy a kitty and about the generations and cattributes associated with them.

Let us know what you think about Cryptokitty and how well you are going in the game.

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