GPU Manufacturer Standing Up To Cryptocurrency Miners, Warranty Will Void If Graphics Card Is Used For Mining

Cryptocurrency mining has been booming for some time and while the value of Bitcoin has reduced over the course of the last few days we are not sure whether or not the mining bubble has popped or not. Having that said, it seems like Inno3D, one of the GPU manufacturers is taking a stand against cryptocurrency miners.

On the box, Inno3D has included a sticker that mentions that the graphics cards that they are provided are not meant to be used for mining purposes and that if they are used for mining the warranty will be void. This means that if something goes wrong with the graphics card while mining then the card will not be repaired or replaced by the company.

While this is a great initiative and I for one can appreciate the effort, you must be wondering how the company will know whether or not the card was used for cryptocurrency mining. There does not seem to be a way of finding out what the card was used to and this might be something that the GPU manufacturer did not think of.

While Inno3D may have a way of finding out how the graphics card was used but I highly doubt that. While we are on the topic of mining, it seems that people have started to return graphics card and an image of a customer returning a stack of AMD Vega 56 cards is included below. You can check out more information here.

Cryptocurrency Miners

If the mining bubble has indeed popped it seems that the prices PC hardware components are still going to increase due to the shortage of memory and other factors. You can read more about all that there.

Let us know what you think about cryptocurrency miners and the effects of their purchases on the prices of graphics cards.

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