Crusader Kings 3 Best Mods

In his Crusader Kings 3 Mods list, we’ll be showing you some of the best mods that we have been able to find from the hundreds we’ve seen so far in CK3.

Crusader Kings 3 Best Mods

Crusader Kings 3 is still a relatively new game, but there is already an abundance of amazing mods available in the Steam Workshop which introduce some exciting new features in the game.

How to install Mods in Crusader Kings 3

Simply head to the game in your Steam library and go to its respective workshop.

Find the mod of your choosing, or pick one from our list below. Click on ‘Subscribe’.

This will add the mod to your game, and update it whenever the creator makes any new modifications.

Note: Upon activating mods that change game mechanics, you won’t be able to earn any achievements.

The Bronze Age: Maryannu v1.1

The aforementioned mod is probably one of the best ones available right along with Princes of Darkness.

The mod entirely recreates the game, setting it back a few thousand years.

You can play as a Pharaoh, take a trip to visit oracles, and even pick patron deities.

A lot of features are still in development like character models and buildings, but considering the game only recently released; the mod still has a considerable a lot to offer for those willing to install it.

Princes of Darkness

Just like the Bronze Age, you can play as an immortal vampire and transform your game into something inspired by the World of Darkness and Vampires.

This overhauls the base game and brings the World of Darkness to life in your version of Crusader Kings 3.

As a Vampire, you are immortal and can only die to a torch or being decapitated. You have a slower rate of progression.

Feel free to customize your own undead culture with your own rules, doctrines, and special tenets.

Custom Ruler Designer

After selecting a ruler, you’ll be able to design a character who will be the son of the selected ruler. Customize the character however you like once the event chain pops up.

Select your traits, gender, and a lot more. This mod really is really helpful for roleplayers.

Once your new character has been designed, the previous rules (His father), and any other heirs to the throne from the ruler will be automatically killed to make you the ruling authority.

Cities of Wonders 2

Previously available in Crusader Kings 2, this mod was made available in the Crusader Kings 3 as well.

Add a new type of player-holdable hybrid holding. Establish a Metropolis, which represents the greatest cities of the medieval world while maintaining the defensive capabilities of castles.

The mod currently doesn’t allow you to build any wonders yet, but it will in future updates as stated by the developer.

Barbershop for Everyone + Fullscreen Barbershop

Feel like some characters are absolutely barbaric with style and fashion?

Use the Barbershop for everyone to customize other character’s hairstyles and dresses.

‘Fullscreen Barbershop’ is another mod which works perfectly with Barbershop for Everyone, as it enables you to view your characters from head to toe while making adjustments to their hair and dress; and you can even make them do different poses.

100 Stat Man

Do you want to play as an OP character that rules the world of Crusader King 3 by having 100 stats in all skills?

Well, then 100 Stat Man is the mod for you.

The game will obviously become extremely easy for you, but you know, it could be useful if you’re looking to debug the game or just have some fun.

Shattered World

Shatter into counties, duchies, or kingdoms by adding the Shattered World mod.

Make sure you select the Game Rule initially to implement the effect.

This won’t make a random new world, but just destroy every title of a certain tier.

The Doctor’s Cheat Menu

The Doctor’s Cheat Menu, as fairly obvious, allows players to access a long list of cheats in Crusader Kings 3. The mod spawns endless gold and troops, adds lifestyle points and piety, reduces stress, edits stats, switches traits, kills anyone, and a lot more with a push of a button.


Undress is what most players are going to search for Crusader Kings 3. The mod allows players to undress characters and make them stand naked for as long as they want. The characters can always be dressed back again.

*P Total Warfare – Battle With an Army

*P Total Warfare – Battle With an Army is a quality-of-life improvement which should have been there in the first place. Crusader Kings 3, by default, only shows a duel between two soldiers on the map during combat. The mod introduces more soldiers into the skirmish to make for an actual battle.

Switch To Primogeniture

Switch To Primogeniture is another cheat that allows players to switch succession laws early to ensure that their realm is not divided among heirs who are intent on seperating themselves from the empire.

More Game Rules

Improve your Crusader Kings 3 experience by adding in more options using this mod.

You will get the following new options by adding the mod.

  • Matrilineal Marriage – Default/Limited/Restricted/Very Restricted/Disabled
  • Seduction – Default/Reduced/Restricted/Player Only
  • Pagan Reformation – Enabled/Disabled
  • Custom Faiths – Enabled/Disabled
  • Domain Limit – Very Low to Extreme (6 options)
  • Vassal Limit – Very Low to Extreme (6 options)
  • Knight Limit – Very Low to Extreme (6 options)
  • Shattered Realms – Disabled/Dukes/Counts/Total

Sunset Invasion

Want to turn the Crusader Kings 3 map into a global village? Sunset Invasion mod will do this for you.

This mode add Native American kingdoms for you to interact with and adds a morality aspect to these interactions.

Moreover, there will be added religions, cultures and resources which you can explore and discover. You will also gain or lose Respect based on the actions of overseas countries.

Brighter Portraits

Exactly working as it sounds, the Second Most Subscribed mod Brighter Portraits turn the portraits brighter for characters.

This way, the traits of the characters in Crusader Kings 3 can shine through them in a more vibrant and visible way.

Overall, this mode has been so much subscribed that we expect it to be inscribed into the game next time.


If you’re looking to add a bit more spice to the game, the Immortality mod will introduce the secret of immortality in the game. You’ll have the option to give and take immortality from you and your residents.

You’ll also be able to change your visual age, heal wounds and cure diseases whenever you want.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Crusaders

This may be a very unconventional mod, but it’s definitely worth trying if you’re bored and want to be entertained.

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Crusaders mod introduces a Skater lifestyle trait in CK3 which you can choose if you want to skate around in skate parks instead of doing boring things; like ruling a kingdom.

An interesting thing about this mod is that it turns Genghis Khan into a skating master who won’t attack anyone who has chosen the skater lifestyle.

Another feature of this mod is the Skatrilineal Succession. This means that whoever the Council of Skate Electors decides is the best skater in the land, they will get to wear the crown.

Lord of the Rings: Realms in Exile

As the name suggests, with this mod, your CK3 world will fully transform into the world from Lord of the Rings, particularly during the ‘War of the Ring’ saga.

With this mod, you have the choice to play CK3 as Saruman the White, Wulfgar Brynjarsson of Dunland or even King Theoden himself.

Community Flavor Pack

If you don’t want to mess around with the game’s mechanics, but are just looking to enhance the game’s visuals, this is the mod for you.

The Community Flavor Pack mod improves the characters visuals by introducing numerous new accessories for them to wear. These include shields, helmets, crowns, circlets etc

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