Cross-Platform Breakpoint Is Being Discussed By Ubisoft, Will It Happen?

We may be getting cross-platform Breakpoint at some point, as the concept is being discussed by Ubisoft with other companies.

Some rumors and talks have been swirling around Ghost Recon: Breakpoint recently, with many players hoping that we can get cross-platform play for the upcoming third-person shooter game. Ubisoft in the meantime is being coy, so will cross-platform Breakpoint actually be coming soon? Or is it just a pipe dream?

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the sequel to Ghost Recon: Wildlands, placing the Ghost team on the fictional archipelago of Auroa, where the Ghosts find themselves hunted by a private military company known as the “Wolves”, led by a former Ghost who have taken over the island.

Now the Ghosts must pit themselves against someone who knows all of their moves and tactics while also surviving the Wolves, their army of mercenaries, and the fleet of drones at their beck and call. The game comes out on October 9.

Cross-platform games have become more and more of an issue lately with many gamers as the ever-increasing pace of video game technology should allow it. The only obstacle standing in the way of many of these is companies themselves, such as Sony.

However, Ubisoft saying that it had been following talks involving a cross-platform Breakpoint does at least lend some hope to the possibility that it will come into the game. This would allow players from all different platforms to be able to play together.

Of course, it depends on which of the video game console companies are willing to go that far. Playstation has been rather spotty with allowing cross-platform play on its consoles, coming up with a variety of excuses that very few people are actually buying.

While that does seem to be thawing, when or if we get cross-platform Breakpoint before (or after) the game releases is entirely up to Ubisoft and the companies it’s talking with. Otherwise, the game will be out on October 9 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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