How To Perform A Critical Hit In Elden Ring

Critical Strikes in Elden Ring can deal huge amount of damage to enemies including bosses. We will tell you can perform those strikes.

The challenging nature of Elden Ring requires you to deal the most amount of damage in less amount of time. This will be crucial whether you are fighting random enemies or bosses.

Critical hit or Critical Strike is a mechanic in Elden Ring that allows the players to deal an increased amount of damage in a single attack. Critical hits are basically overpowered attacks in the game that feel like killing blows and have cool animations.

Our guide will help you learn how you can land a critical srikes in Elden Ring.

Landing Critical Hits in Elden Ring

There are 3 ways you can deal critical hits to enemies in Elden Ring.

You can deal a critical hit in Elden Ring by parrying an enemy attack. You will need good focus to pull this off. Notice the approaching enemy attack and time the block perfectly.

Once the enemy attack fails, you can retaliate with your own attack and deal a critical hit to the enemy.

You can also deal with critical hits in Elden Ring by sneak attacking an enemy. When you approach an enemy quietly behind their back, you can stab them and deal a critical hit.

Lastly, you can deal a critical attack by exhausting the enemy’s stamina aka breaking their stance to deal a critical hit. You can make the enemy run for you and make them tired or you can strike with a medium-range weapon 3-4 times in a row to break their stance causing them to pause their movement.

During this time, the attack you land on an enemy will deal a critical hit.

The weapons you are carrying also impact your critical hits. If you attack with a long-range weapon like Bloodhound Finnese, the critical hit will be harder to land due to their size. Likewise, you cannot use a small-range weapon. It is recommended to use a medium-range weapon to deal a critical hit to enemies.

This is how you can deal with critical hits in Elden Ring.

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