Creator of Fallout and Elder Scrolls Becomes A Legend at New York Video Game Awards

Todd Howard, the Game Designer and Head of the team at Bethesda Game Studios, is given ” The Legend” award at New York Videogame Awards, due to the achievements and appreciation he has received from Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

The Award Ceremony shall take place at the Abrons Playhouse Center and a live transmission will begin today at 04:00 Moscow time.

The Legend Award will be the part of New York Videogames Critics Circle and shall include most of the acclaimed critics.

Other awards and nominations for the game developers include the “Best Remake” category for which, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Nintendo Switch and Skyrim VR have been nominated. 

It is no surprise as the Game Fallout Player Peaks have been setting records throughout the year 2017. On the other hand, the demand for the Elder Scrolls 6 by its fans skyrocketed with the release of Skyrim on Switch. It is no wonder that Tod Howard has become a Legend.

He has already been named the “Top 20 most Influential people in the gaming industry” and was also named as the “Top Game Creators of All Time”. In 2012 he was given the award of the Best Game Director by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science.


Some rumors are also in the air, talking about the new game Todd Howard may be working on. It has been a while since something as big as the Fallout or The Elder Scrolls hit the market. Bethesda Game Studio is working on the game Starfield.

Which shall feature open world sequence with multiple alien races. There will be Space travel, Hub worlds, and randomly generated worlds. It just might prove to be something based on a greater sandbox element.