Creative Players Using Custom Servers to Make Overwatch Boss Battles

With the release of the Overwatch custom server creator last week, players of the game have been getting creative. In addition to wacky new gametypes, they’ve now started to make Overwatch boss battles by messing with the game’s rules to make it a one-against-many fight to the death.

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The Overwatch custom server creator allows players to mess with a lot of player qualities in addition to changing gametypes.

Players can start out with a full ultimate gauge, with five times as much health, and more, all of which can be put together to make a challenging “boss battle”-like scenario.

The Overwatch boss battles gametype normally follows a few set rules: It’s one player against many, the single player is buffed to have high health, low cooldowns, and high damage, and the other team is either nerfed or normal in terms of health, cooldowns, and more.

These games can be anything from a Reinhardt fighting Torbjorns, or a Roadhog fighting a number of different heroes.

Boss battle-esque fights like this can bring any number of multiplayer games to mind, ranging from World of Warcraft raid bosses, to raid bosses in Destiny, to bosses in any Souls game from From Software.

With the added possibility of no respawns, players that are on either side are sure to have a ton of fun and tension as they run around trying not to die.

If you want to take part in some of these Overwatch boss battles for yourself, it should be easy enough to use the Overwatch custom server browser to make one.

All you would have to do is pick a hero to buff, pick others to weaken, and then have fun chasing your friends around seeing if they can find a way to kill you, especially with Orisa coming out in the near future.

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