Creative Assembly could use Unreal Engine 5 for its new FPS IP

Creative Assembly has been quietly working on a new science-fiction first-person shooter for more than four years now.

Creative Assembly, the developer best known for helming the Total War games, has been quietly working on a new science-fiction first-person shooter for more than four years now. The wait to finally see that all-new intellectual property in action has possibly just been prolonged.

According to job listings from earlier today, Creative Assembly is seeking a senior gameplay programmer and a project technical director “to create unforgettable game experiences on a new project as part of a new franchise team”.

The listings are likely for the in-development first-person shooter which was first mentioned back in 2018 in word only. Considering the seniority of both positions, the game likely has a long development road ahead of itself.

The listing for the senior gameplay programmer furthermore specifically mentions “building on top of Unreal Engine 5”. Creative Assembly has stated that its ambitious new first-person shooter “will be a fresh take on the genre” by allowing players to “embrace a variety of creative playstyles”. The new toolsets and features of Unreal Engine 5 will surely come in handy in achieving that goal.

The listings also make it clear that publisher Sega wants the science-fiction shooter to be built into a full-blown franchise.

It remains unknown as to what exactly Creative Assembly is trying to create. The unrevealed project is said to be multiplayer with tactical elements while taking place in deep space. The only thing fans can expect is for the developer to carry forth some gameplay elements from Total War and Alien: Isolation, the latter being the one prominent first-person shooter in its recent profile.

Alien: Isolation was released in 2014 to favorable reviews and remains to date as the one game that truly captures the spirit of the Alien films. Creative Assembly is not creating another Alien game but fans can hope that its new first-person shooter carries forth that same intensity.

Creative Assembly was reportedly looking to release its new game in 2022. However, the COVID-19 pandemic made management difficult. Sega has been clear that the game will only release after “properly overcoming these obstacles and achieving a satisfactory quality level”.

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