Sony Understands Crash Bandicoot’s Demand, Nothing to Share at this Time

Sony has shared a comment on Crash Bandicoot, saying that the company understands its demand but has nothing to share at this time.

Crash Bandicoot is a mirage we’ve been chasing for over a decade. It is console’s Half Life 3 and lately Crash Bandicoot has been discussed on a number occasions along with the possibility of its return.

It started when we first got to know that Crash is featured in the latest Uncharted game. We saw Nathan Drake playing the game during the first section of Uncharted 4. Players were given control of Crash which brought back plenty of memories from the PSOne days.

Later on, we noticed that Activision (who owns Crash) isn’t credited in Uncharted 4 credits. This sparked speculation that Crash Bandicoot is back at Sony. Sadly, Sony denied this soon after we ran the story.

Fans want to see Crash back again and it looks like Sony can’t do much about it. They can try to buy the franchise back from Activision which is doing nothing with it. Speaking to PlayStation Magazine, Sony’s Jim Ryan spoke about the situation and said that the company understands how much Crash’s revival is demanded. But for the time being they have nothing to discuss.

Um…we’re certainly aware of the considerable affection—even reverence—in which the mighty Crash is held. But nothing to update at this stage in that area.

Crash Bandicoot is currently picking up dust on Activision’s shelf and we think it is time Sony brings Crash back home to PlayStation to revive this iconic character back to glory.

Do you think Sony should buy back Crash Bandicoot? Or should Activision does something with it and release Crash across all platforms? Share what you think in the comments below.

Source: PlayStation Magazine

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