Crackdown 3 Can Release at E3 2018, “Wouldn’t be Surprising,” Says Xbox Insider

Crackdown 3 release date is something we have kind of lost hope in. However, development is going better than ever and a release date may finally be set in stone this time. What’s interesting is that Stephen Ashby, the editor for the official Xbox magazine, expects Crackdown 3 to release at E3 2018.

Speaking with the official Xbox magazine, he mentioned that if the game doesn’t release before E3 2018, it wouldn’t be surprising if Microsoft takes to stage in LA to release Crackdown 3 on the same day as E3.

If it doesn’t get released before, this year’s E3 will be the time to do it. It might be wishful thinking but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they suddenly announced that Crackdown 3 was available that same day.

Crackdown 3 was supposed to release last year but the title was delayed into Spring 2018. E3 2018 will be set in LA this Summer and if Microsoft actually manages to release the game at their press conference, they may just steal the show away from Sony.

Microsoft announced Crackdown 3 too early which turned out to be a mistake due to the sheer size and ambition of this project. Crackdown is one of the few cloud-based games which, according to Hajime Tabata, is the future of gaming. But the development of such games is not easy, it takes time to get cloud-based games right; which is why Crackdown took so long to develop.

Do you think Microsoft can actually release Crackdown during E3 2018?  When do you think Microsoft will release the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Crackdown 3 is developed by Microsoft Studios and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. The game is to be given a final release date.


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