Counterplay Games Is Working On A New Combat-Focussed Title

Counterplay Games, the developers of Godfall, is apparently working on a new title and has a lot of job openings to help it come to life.

Counterplay Games, the creators of one of the Playstation 5’s launch titles, Godfall, is already working on their next game. The studio has posted a number of new job openings for their next title, which they’ve said is heavily combat-focused. However, the listings don’t say anything other than that.

While Godfall was said to have a lot of promise, the game felt lackluster to many people due to a fairly lackluster story and mediocre combat, and it only got average reviews. Hopefully, Counterplay will take Godfall’s flaws and improve on them to make a game that people will love to play.

The various different job openings for the studio include a Senior Technical Artist, character animation programmers, a senior gameplay programmer, next-gen platform engineer, gameplay programmer, combat designer, encounter designer, 3D character animator, a lead lighting artist, and a lead VFX artist.

Counterplay described their next game as an action RPG, as well, so anyone who responds to these job offers is recommended to have a love of 3D action combat games and other action RPGs. Exactly what, however, remains a mystery, as the title doesn’t have any title or information beyond that it’s heavily combat-focused.

That’s not very surprising either, as Counterplay Games has made their name on games that are heavily reliant on combat. Before Godfall, they crowdfunded a game called Duelyst, a turn-based strategy game where various characters moved around on a board.

While Godfall was much more exciting in comparison, its threadbare story and enemy variety couldn’t be entirely covered up by the combat and next-gen visuals in a similar vein to Ryse: Son of Rome, Crytek’s own launch title on the Xbox One in 2013 that got a similar reception.

Either way, hopefully Counterplay Games’s next title can learn from Godfall’s mistakes and turn out to be the great game that Godfall should have been. You can see the job openings for the studio by following this link.

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