Could Take-Two and Rockstar be Planning Red Dead Redemption 2?

With Take-Two interactive revealing a profitable year, they also revealed plans for unnamed future games. Is one of them Red Dead Redemption 2?

With the Take-Two Interactive results being posted, rumours are already starting. Karl Slatoff, President of Take-Two announced that they will be launching unnamed new games during its future fiscal years.

While this makes sense, “unnamed” games, which are yet unknown even to the company can’t be named until they are in development. If these games are related to previous releases, what could they be?

To make an assumption here, we can look at games already announced. Borderlands 3 has already been confirmed for the future, we already have Miami 3 coming, and XCom 2 is on the way. This leads to a few possible moves for the company.

Inevitably, the assumption we come up with is Red Dead Redemption 2, it would be the perfect time. The fact the original still sits high on the Xbox One backwards compatibility vote shows this would be a very popular announcement.

The fact is, most fans want Red Dead Redemption 2 badly, and at this point, they may even accept an HD remake. I hope that the game won’t turn into Rockstar’s Half-Life 3, I’d personally hate for that to happen.

What others could there be? Another Rockstar game would of course be Bully 2. Would fans want that before Red Dead Redemption 2 though? I’m sure that is a very debatable question, though I feel there is more passion in wanting to return to playing the cowboy rather than school boy.

All we can do is speculate for now, and hope that a trip to the Wild West won’t take too long to come to the current generation consoles.

What are your thoughts on the speculation about these games? Could we see Red Dead Redemption 2 announced in the near future? Let us know your thoughts below.

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