How to Craft and Power a Drill in Core Keeper

The following guide will show you how to craft a drill and provide power to it to start mining ore in Core Keeper.

While trying to collect ore deposits in the Azeos biome, you’ll be told that you need a drill. The following guide will show you how to craft a drill to start mining ore in Core Keeper.

How to Unlock Mining in Core Keeper

To start mining, you need to first unlock Azeos’ Wilderness by defeating the three bosses: Glurch, the Abominous Mass; Ghorm, the Devourer, and The Hive Mother. Place their gems in their corresponding shrine and activate the Core to unlock Azeos’ Wilderness.

Next, you need Scarlett Ore and Iron Ore. You need to purify these ores using the smelter and make Scarlett Bars. You’ll need about 40 of both bars to craft a drill. Take note that you can craft more than one drill to speed up the mining process.

How to Craft Drill in Core Keeper

You need an iron bench to craft an Electronic table. You also need a Scarlett Work Bench to craft an Automation Table.

Begin with the Electronic table first. You need to craft Electricity Generator which requires ten Copper Bars, five Iron Bars, and one Gold Bar. You also need to craft a couple of Electrical wires, which requires one Copper Bar.

Now head over to Automation Table. You need to craft drill, which is the heart of our mining operations, and it requires ten Iron Bars and ten Scarlett Bars. Next, you need Robot Arm, which is five Iron Bars and five Scarlett Bars. You also need Conveyor Belt, which is one Iron Bar and one Scarlett Bar.

How to Power Drill in Core Keeper

Lay down your drill where you want to mine the ore, which should be next to the rock. You can spin the drill by pressing E and facing inward at the rock.

Next, place the Generator right next to the Drill. Now you need to place the Robotic Arm and Conveyor Belt. The arrows show which way the Conveyor belt will travel the material. You can direct the material toward the Robotic Arm.

At the end of the Robotic Arm, you can either put a chest to collect your ore or a Smelter Kiln that can automatically smelt the ore. At the end of the Kiln, you can put the chest to collect the smelted ore.

The last thing you need to do is power your drills and conveyors. The drills placed next to the Generator don’t need electrical wires to power themselves. The drill placed away from the Generator however does need electrical wires for power.

A red dot indicates the Scarlet Ore deposits on the map, and light-yellow spots on the map indicate copper deposits. Remember, these deposits are not infinite, so once you have mined all of them, there will be nothing left there, and you need to find another ore deposit someplace else. Gold deposits are quite scarce, and copper deposits are very abundant.

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