Where to Find Fiber in Core Keeper

Core Keeper consists of several useful resources. This guide will teach you where to find Fiber in Core Keeper and what are its uses.

Core Keeper consists of several useful resources that help you craft different types of items. One such resource is Fiber, and, in this guide, we’ll be showing you where to find Fiber in Core Keeper along with its uses.

How to Acquire Fiber in Core Keeper

Resources in Core Keeper help you craft various items from weapons and armors to even bags. This can all be done by simply exploring the depths of different dungeons and finding the resource of your choice.

Although you’ll receive a bunch of Fiber as a reward early on in the game, as soon as the slot is empty, you’re on your own and have to search the wild to find more.

Now, to find Fiber, you must find the Clay Caves biomes. The location is quite distinct from the rest, and you’ll have an easy time finding it as it is surrounded by pinkness with clay walls all around it.

You’ll find Fiber from two origins inside the cave. The first one is the Worm creature. The creature must be killed first to attain Fiber as a dropped item.

Do note that Worms can either be big or small depending upon where they’re found, where the big ones cause more trouble than the small ones. Therefore, keep an eye on them.

You can also get Fiber from pulsating pods as they assure a good amount of Fiber scattered all around the area.

When searching the inside of the cave, you’ll come across many Grub Kapok seeds. Simply plant them and get rewarded with Fiber upon their growth.

Lastly, you’ll receive Fiber from wooden crates found commonly in rural areas.

Core Keeper Fiber Uses

Fiber is one of the most valuable resources there is to offer. Being able to craft armors, bags, and other items is considered a key to your survival in the wild. This is why Fiber is given so much value in the game.

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