Where to Find Tin in Core Keeper

This guide will teach you where to find tin and how to convert it into Tin Bars in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper is a mining sandbox-type game where you can mine, build, fight, craft, and farm to discover the mysteries of the ancient core. This guide will tell you where to find Tin in Core Keeper and how to convert it into Tin Bars.

Where to Find Tin Ore in Core Keeper

To make tin bars, we have to first look for tin ores. It is an upgrade from copper, so it is recommended if you are thinking about challenging the first boss of the game, Glurch the Abominous Mass.

When you spawn at the core, you may notice that you only find copper ores in that biome.

To find Tin, you have to travel farther away from your core. If you have managed to hit a dead end while digging, you can start digging again from somewhere else. Keep digging until you find orange color dirt.

That will be the start of Clay Cave Biome, where you will see tin ore deposits. You can mine them and take them back to your core for smelting.

Be sure to have enough space in inventory to carry a chunk of ore back to your core.

How to Convert Tin into Tin Bars

To convert the recently gained Tin Ore into Tin Bars, you will need a Furnace to smelt them. You can craft a Furnace from the crafting section of the Workbench for 20 Dirt Walls.

After Crafting the Furnace, place it somewhere in the core and start smelting your recently gained Tin Ore. You will gain one bar for one chunk of Tin Ore.

Uses of Tin in Core Keeper

Tin can be used to craft different items such as weapons, tools, benches, and even armor. Below, we have provided complete details on all instances where Tin can be used.

Crafting Benches

Tin bars can be used to craft the following Crafting Benches in Core Keeper:

  • Tin workbench: 15 tin bar, 6 copper bar, 1 wood
  • Tin anvil: 8 tin bar
  • Alchemy table: 5 tin bars, 8 slimes, 8 wood
  • Painter’s table: 5 tin bars, 8 slimes, 8 wood
  • Railway Forge: 8 tin bars, 8 wood
  • Carpenter table: 8 tin bars, 8 wood

Weapons, Shields, and Traps

You can use Tin Bars to craft the following Weapons, Shields, and Traps:

  • Tin Sword: 7 tin bars
  • Tin Dagger: 7 tin bars
  • Slingshot: 3 tin bars
  • Spike Trap: 1 tin bar
  • Wooden Shield: 5 tin bars, 10 wood

Tools and Backpacks

You can use Tin Bars to craft the following Tools and Backpacks:

  • Explorer Backpack: 5 tin bar, 10 fibers
  • Tin Pickaxe: 3 tin bars, 4 wood
  • Tin Shovel: 3 tin bars, 4 wood
  • Tin Hoe: 3 tin bars, 4 wood
  • Tin Fishing Rod: 4 tin bars, 5 wood

Bronze Armor

You can use Tin Bars to craft the following Bronze Armor pieces:

  • Bronze Helm: 4 tin bars, 4 copper bars, 3 fibers
  • Bronze Breastplate: 6 tin bars, 6 copper bars, 4 fibers
  • Bronze Pants: 5 tin bars, 5 copper bars, 5 fibers
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