Core Keeper Farming Guide

This guide will explain all of the important details about Farming and the different crops you can grow in Core Keeper.

Farming is a fairly important aspect of Core Keeper as you will need food to keep your hunger bar from emptying. Food can be obtained from chests, by killing enemies, and other ways, but farming is still the most reliable way to obtain food in Core Keeper. Therefore, we have put together a complete Core Keeper Farming guide.

Basics of Farming in Core Keeper

Farming crops is not that difficult in Core Keeper. However, players will first need to construct a copper hoe to create a farm. This can be crafted at the workbench and requires 4x Wood and 2x Copper.

The next thing you will have to craft is a Watering Can, which requires 4x Copper to be crafted. Once you have these two items, the next thing you need to gather is seeds which will then be planted to grow crops.

Gather Seeds

There are many different ways of obtaining seeds in Core Keeper. For example, you can find seeds by digging the ground, killing enemies, and looting chests and crates.

There are seven different kinds of seeds in Core Keeper, and some of the seeds can only be found in unique biomes of the in-game world.

If you’re a beginner player, you don’t have to travel to another biome to farm seeds. Instead, you can get seeds right from the starting area of the game – the Dirt Biome. The easiest way to get seeds in the Dirt Biome is to kill the Slimes you see all over.

Another good place to find seeds in Core Keeper is the Azeos’ Wilderness Biome. You can find all kinds of seeds in this biome. To get started, destroy all the yellow plants you see, and you’ll quickly rack up many seeds.

Plant the Seeds

Once you have collected seeds, your next task will be to find an open and spacious area near your main base to plant the crops.

Ideally, your farm should be made near a pool of water, so you don’t have to make trips to fetch water for the farm constantly.

Once you have chosen the area where you want to grow the crops, select the hoe from your inventory and use it on the area to convert it into a farm plot. Now select the seed you want to grow and place it down on the ground you just tilled.

Some of the seeds in the game require a specific type of ground to grow, so make sure you have the right type of ground before you start tilling it.

Note that if you tilled the wrong type of ground, you could use your hoe on it again to get it back to normal. And if you want to re-locate your farm, you can dig up the ground and take it to the new farm area.

Harvest the Crop

You will need to water your crops for them to grow. If you didn’t make your farm near a water source, you could carry water from any water body to the farm plot using the Watering Can.

You can also dig a trench that connects your farm to a water source. The water will flow through the trench and end up at your farm.

Once the crops have been watered, they will take a bit of time to grow before being harvested. And once the texture of the crops changes, it means they are ready to be harvested. To farm the crops, you need to hit them, and they’ll pop out of the soil.

The soil will then dry up, and you’ll need to water it again before planting a seed in it.

Cook the Crops

After you’ve farmed the crops, you should start cooking them immediately. To do so, craft a Cooking Pot using 2x Wood and 6x Copper Bar.

Place the Cooking Pot down and click on the little green book in the UI to see all of the recipes for the foods you can cook using the crops.

It’s always better to cook the crops instead of eating them by themselves, as each dish gives your character a unique buff. These buffs are very useful and will help you out a lot in your playthrough of Core Keeper.

Level Up Your Gardening and Cooking Skills

If you level up certain Gardening and Cooking Skills, you’ll have an even easier time farming crops and keeping your hunger in check.

The skills you need to level up first are “Grateful gardener” and “Eat your vegetables!” from the Gardening skill tree, and then “Utilizing every nutrient” from the Cooking skill tree.

These skills will help you farm more seeds and get more satiation from the food you eat.

List of Crops in Core Keeper

We have provided a table below, listing all of the crop seeds and the crops they produce in detail. We have also specified where this crop can be located and what kind of ground it needs to cultivate.

Crop Seeds Crop Produced Ground Needed Found in Biomes
Puffungi Seed Puffungi Mold The Mould Dungeon
Bomb Pepper Seed Bomb Pepper Dirt Dirt, Azeos’ Wilderness
Carrock Seed Carrock Stone The Forgotten Ruins
Heart Berry Seed Heart Berry Dirt Dirt, Azeos’ Wilderness
Grub Kapok Seed Fiber Dirt The Clay Caves
Root Seed Wood Dirt Dirt, The Clay Caves, Azeos’ Wilderness
Glow Tulip Seed Glow Tulip Dirt Dirt, Azeos’ Wilderness

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