Core Keeper Best Weapons

In this guide, we’ll be looking into all the best weapon options in Core Keeper and outline what makes them so good!

Having the best weapon equipped that suits your playstyle while also guaranteeing protection and winning against enemies is the way to go in action-adventure games. In this guide, we’ll be looking into all the best weapon options in Core Keeper, and their specifications. So, without further, let’s get started.

Core Keeper Best Weapons

If you’ve just embarked on your Core Keeper journey, you might already be familiar with Copper Sword or Slingshot. Everyone, while starting, has these weapons, and they solely depend on them for protection. However, once you encounter a boss or two, you’ll quickly realize you need to change your weapon into something reliable that will kick asses.

Below we’ve picked out our top 5 recommended weapons while playing Core Keeper and what they have to offer to the players.

Rune Song

We’re starting our list with the best weapon so far in the game without wasting your time. Rune Song is our top pick for you as it’s a sword with 185-225 damage, has 2.5 attacks per second, and has infinite durability!

Although this sword does take a while before you can craft it in the game, it’s worth waiting.

If you’re just starting out and really want to rely on the weapon you equip, choose this sword. This sword requires no repair, which means you can non-stop hit the enemies without having to pause in between the fight and falling under the risk of getting attacked off guard.

This sword is an excellent choice as it increases the player’s hit points by 62 and has an approximately 15% chance of taking down an enemy that has less health than you. And whenever you provide damage to an enemy, this sword will heal you by three hit points.

Poisonous Sickle

Apart from its durability, a weapon that we would consider equal to Rune Song has to be the Poisonous Sickle. It has a damage of 175-213 with 2.5 attacks per second. At the same time, its durability is around 500.

As the name sounds, it is a sickle that contains poison within it. Every hit has a 28% chance to poison the target, which will make their healing slow by 75% for a bit duration. It also increases players’ critical hit damage by an estimated 18%.

Players can’t craft this weapon; instead, they’ll have to take a journey to the deadly Mold Biome and explore the area to find it. It is located on a picture of a bug; however, it can be missable as the sickle is camouflaged with the colors of the image.

Ancient Pickaxe

The best Pickaxe in the game has to be the Ancient Pickaxe. So, if you like equipping Pickaxes as your primary weapon, this one is for you. It provides 171-209 damage, 2.5 attacks per second, and maximum durability of 500.

Although this weapon did get nerfed and lost the ability to destroy any block in the game with one hit only, it is still one of the best weapons. The more you mine with this axe, the more it gets better at providing damage to the enemies.

It’s especially helpful as it guarantees rewards by being efficient in mining, but if you also happen to encounter an enemy within the process, you can get rid of it with simple few hits.

Scarlet Sword

Fourth on the list is the Scarlet Sword. Now it’s not as close to being good as the three weapons we’ve mentioned, but you can definitely equip this as it is advantageous. Additionally, Scarlet armor is considered a decently good weapon in the game.

This sword increases your chance of landing a critical hit by 11%. And it can be forged at Scarlet Anvil by using four iron and ten scarlet bars. It has a damage of 124-150 with 2.5 attacks per second. Whereas it also has a durability of a maximum of 350.

It is found in scarlet ore bars and can efficiently slay some foes. It is the best weapon you’ll find so far in the area with the most durability, making it worth picking up.

Iron Sword

The last weapon with decent durability of 350 is the Iron Sword. You might be taken back by seeing this in the top five list but hear us out. It offers decent damage of 102-124 with 2.5 attacks per second.

This is an excellent option if you’re just starting out in the game and don’t want to spend a lot of bars to craft swords or just want to take it slow and figure out your play style. You can easily defend yourself against enemies if you have this equipped, and you won’t find trouble even if you encounter big bosses.

It has good specifications and is a safe weapon to rely on. Players usually equip Iron Sword, Copper Sword, or Slingshot while starting with the game. However, we recommend having Iron Sword as your first choice as it does a decent job against enemies, and you’ll often find yourself equipped with it without realizing it has been doing wonders.

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