Control The Face of the Enemy Walkthrough Guide

This guide will include all the details on the mission "The Face of the Enemy" in Control. The mission will...

This guide will include all the details on the mission “The Face of the Enemy” in Control. The mission will include multiple tasks like finding the Prime Candidate Program and searching for Darling’s lab. I can say without a doubt that this mission has the most number of enemies. You will go insane in the later part of the mission. Well, let’s now discuss the walkthrough of the mission.

Control The Face of the Enemy Walkthrough Guide

Go to the Central Executive and talk to Emily Pope. Your next mission will begin. After you talk with Emily ends exit the board room and take the stairs on you right. Go further and talk to Dylan. You will now have to find the Prime Candidate Program.

Go to logistics and then to Panopticon. Go further in and you will arrive at the door leading to Prime Candidate Program. You will meet some enemies inside so be wary and take care of them. Keep going further and go into the big room labeled “P7”. Interact with the whiteboard and then go towards the locked gate with the button on it’s left. Press it and move towards the elevator in the Transit Corridor. Beware of enemies ahead though. Take the elevator and deal with the enemies on top and take control of the control point.

Go further to arrive at the Turntable area. Don’t fight with the creature looming here and go to the area/section which is marked as Bridge Operator. Now you have to destroy the red clots blocking the bridge but be aware of your surroundings. Once that is done go upstairs and press the button on the control panel. Go across the bridge now and take a right and up the stairs. Beware of an enemy in this area. Go further to see that you cannot take the elevator. You now have to power it somehow. Use your powers to lift the batteries and put them in the slots. This will make the elevator running again.

Keep going further to Ordinary AWE and go left inside the room. Press the button and come back outside. Again keep going towards Ordinary AWE and deal with the enemies in the area. Take control of the control point. Go further and press the button and deal with even more enemies. Gosh, they don’t​ end!. Move towards the ordinary dumpsite. Here you will have to fight a lot of enemies ALOT!!!. When you are finished here go inside the lab.

Here interact with the computer and after that make your way towards the Transit Corridor control point. Thus your mission will end here and the next mission “Finnish Tango” will start.

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