Concept Art of Valve’s Secret Sci Fi Project

Concept art images of Valve's secret in development sci fi project.

Valve has Portal 2 releasing in two weeks time, Dota 2 is next in line. Half Life 2: Episode 3 has been the long rumored project which will eventually make its way to the fans, what else? If this artwork taken from the company’s headquarters is to go by, it’s surely something Sci-Fi.

These concept art images first appeared after a fan was fortunate enough to take a trip to Valve’s HQ in Washington. Not to be out-done by the fans, PC Gamer has posted 28 close-ups of the same concept art showing spaceships, humanoids, weapons and much more.

This artwork gives fans the opportunity to speculate on what Valve may have in works. Here is one thing to consider; It could be connected to Doug Church, the designer of the original Thief who also worked on the canceled Steven Spielberg project LMNO. Some of the concept art even hints it.

If this is anything but artwork, it surely as hell is nice to look at.

Source. PC Gamer and Steam Forums

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