Company Of Heroes 3 Keyboard Shortcuts And Hotkeys

If you want to win multiplayer matches, you will need to know all Company of Heroes 3 keyboard shortcuts and keybindings.

Similar to all real-time strategy games, knowing and understanding keyboard shortcuts are an important part of taking control of the battlefield in Company of Heroes 3.

You are likely going to be overwhelmed with the number of events taking place all across the map in a skirmish. Panning your screen to select units in the heat of battle to issue them new orders can become messy if you are using a mouse or controller.

To make the process quicker, you can use keyboard shortcuts or keybindings to select particular units or structures and issue commands with a touch of a button.

For example, you can create a hotkey for your tanks so that you can select them at any point in the game even if you are looking at the other end of the map.

Company of Heroes 3 has actually made it easier to change keybindings. You no longer have to go into its game files to add custom hotkeys.

How to change keybinds and add new hotkeys

In order to change any default keybind or add new keyboard shortcuts in Company of Heroes 3, all you have to do is head into Settings from either the main menu or by pressing Esc in-game.

Here, you need to head into the Control tab and find the View and Remap Control Buttons option. You will see a list of all available actions in Company of Heroes 3. Select the one you want to edit or customize and set your new keybind or hotkey accordingly.

Take note that some actions like the Orbit function assigned under the ALT key were not changeable. However, these key glitches were present in the “early access” version of the game. The game may fix these issues further down the line with updates.

Company of Heroes 3 keyboards shortcuts list

It will take some time before you have memorized all of the default Company of Heroes 3 keyboard shortcuts. You will probably want to also create your own custom keybindings for certain actions.

However, when each hotkey is at your fingertips, you will have a firmer grasp of the battlefield. You will be able to give out orders quicker, maneuver your buildings and units more efficiently, and not be overwhelmed even if the enemy is at your front gates.

Something else of importance is that using keyboard shortcuts and keybindings is what separates skillful players from newcomers in multiplayer matches. If you want to win online, you will need to know all Company of Heroes 3 keyboard shortcuts.

FunctionKeyboard Shortcut / Keybinds
SelectPress “LMB”
ChatPress “Enter ”
Default CamPress “Backspace”
Chat AllPress “Shift + Enter”
Tactical QueuePress “Shift”
Tactical PausePress “Space”
Toggle Tactical MapPress “M”
Focus Event CuePress “Delete”
Focus HomePress “Home”
Toggle Screenshot ModePress “Ctrl + Shift + / ”
OrbitPress “ALT”
Focus Next Idle InfantryPress “ , ”
Focus Next Idle VehiclePress “ . ”
Focus Next Idle EmplacementPress “ / ”
Select Production Building (One)Press “F1”
Select Production Building (Two)Press “F2”
Select Production Building (Three)Press “F3”
Select Production Building (Four)Press “F4”
Select Production Building (Five)Press “F5”
Battlegroup (One)Press “Ctrl + F1”
Battlegroup (Two)Press “Ctrl + F2”
Battlegroup (Three)Press “Ctrl + F3”
Battlegroup (Four)Press “Ctrl + F4”
Battlegroup (Five)Press “Ctrl + F5”
Battlegroup (Six)Press “Ctrl + F6”
Army Ability (One)Press “Ctrl + F7”
Army Ability (Two)Press “Ctrl + F8”
Army Ability (Three)Press “Ctrl + F9”
Army Ability (Four)Press “Ctrl + F10”
Army Ability (Five)Press “Ctrl + F11”
Default CamPress “Backspace”
Zoom InPress “ = ”
Zoom OutPress “ – ”
Pan LeftPress “ALT + A”
Pan UpPress “ALT + D”
Pan RightPress “ALT + W ”
Pan DownPress “ALT + S”
PanPress “Mouse 3 ”
OrbitPress “ALT”
Control Group Set (One)Press “Ctrl + 1”
Control Group Set (Two)Press “Ctrl + 2”
Control Group Set (Three)Press “Ctrl + 3”
Control Group Set (Four)Press “Ctrl + 4”
Control Group Set (Five)Press “Ctrl + 5”
Control Group Set (Six)Press “Ctrl + 6”
Control Group Set (Seven)Press “Ctrl + 7”
Control Group Set (Eight)Press “Ctrl + 8”
Control Group Set (Nine)Press “Ctrl + 9”
Control Group Set (Zero)Press “Ctrl + 0”
Control Group Add (One)Press “Shift + 1”
Control Group Add (Two)Press “Shift + 2”
Control Group Add (Three)Press “Shift + 3”
Control Group Add (Four)Press “Shift + 4”
Control Group Add (Five)Press “Shift + 5”
Control Group Add (Six)Press “Shift + 6”
Control Group Add (Seven)Press “Shift + 7”
Control Group Add (Eight)Press “Shift + 8”
Control Group Add (Nine)Press “Shift + 9”
Control Group Add (Zero)Press “Shift + 0”
Control Group Clear (One)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 1”
Control Group Clear (Two)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 2”
Control Group Clear (Three)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 3”
Control Group Clear (Four)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 4”
Control Group Clear (Five)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 5”
Control Group Clear (Six)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 6”
Control Group Clear (Seven)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 7”
Control Group Clear (Eight)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 8”
Control Group Clear (Nine)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 9”
Control Group Clear (Zero)Press “Ctrl + Shift + 0”
ChatPress “Enter”
Chat (All)Press “Shift + Enter”
Switch ChannelsPress “TAB”
Ping AttackPress “Ctrl + R”
Ping DefendPress “Ctrl + T”
Ping QuestionPress “Ctrl + E”
OkPress “Enter”
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