Commendations Will Return in Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians will see the return of Commendations. They were first introduced in Halo: Reach. 343i has revealed the full list on Halo Waypoint.

343i has shared some new information regarding Halo 5 multiplayer. The studio took to Halo WayPoint to tell us about the return of commendations.

Commendations were introduced in Halo: Reach. “You’re likely familiar with them – a reward system where various tasks are presented that need to be incremented via gameplay”

When building Commendations for Halo: 5, 343i kept the basic structure of the system intact. Every Commendation tier will reward players with XP.

Completing tier 3 of a commendation rewards a bonus REQ Pack with boosts and other single-use REQs. The 5th tier of every commendation unlocks a pack containing a specific emblem. This allows a player to flaunt their reward and let everyone know via that emblem and the corresponding back plate that they have put the time in and had the skill required to finish the commendation.

You can see the full day 1 commendations list over at Halo Waypoint.

Here are images of all Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Onyx and Champion Competitive Skill Ratings:

Halo 5 will release on October 27 for Xbox One.

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