New Combat Scenarios Planned For Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

There are new updates and expansion plans in the works for Kena: Bridge of Spirits but which should not be confused with any post-release content packs.

Speaking with IGN in a recent interview, co-founder Mike Grier stated that developer Ember Lab has been considering to support Kena: Bridge of Spirits by adding in new features down the road.

While details were not shared, Grier noted that the photo mode will possibly be updated to include “certain features” everyone has been asking for. That and Ember Lab will possibly “expand some new combat scenarios, and maybe some additional content in the future featured around combat.”

“I think we will be supporting Kena for a while,” said Grier without clarifying if that meant a story-based expansion or just quality-of-life improvements.

Take note that Ember Lab has made no announcements about any post-release content plans for Kena: Bridge of Spirits but which may change.

In another interview earlier in the month, Grier stated that the universe Ember Lab created for Kena: Bridge of Spirits “has a lot of storytelling potential.” However, the developer has no intention, at least not right now, to pursue that potential through a sequel. The developer instead wants to work on a brand new story-driven intellectual property.

However, that should not leave Kena out in the cold. Ember Lab has a vested interest to explore the universe of the game by “taking it into a more linear experience like a TV show or film” which Josh noted “is a possibility” for the future.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The acclaimed game and its adorable Rot remain console-exclusive to PlayStation. If there are plans for an Xbox release, Ember Lab will only be disclosing them after a few months have gone by after release.

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