Collaboration Between Lady Gaga and CD Projekt Red For Cyberpunk 2077—Sources

Multiple anonymous sources report “a collaboration between Lady Gaga and CD Projekt Red” for their upcoming game Cyberpunk 20177.

Reddit and the gaming community is going excited after rumors of a possible collaboration between Lady Gaga and Cyberpunk 2077 came to light.

Earlier this month Cyberpunk 2077 released a video in which they said that “development on the game is far from over”. It is likely that Lady Gaga will be in or associated with the game at some capacity.

Right now it is unconfirmed what role Lady Gaga is going to play in Cyberpunk 2077. The collaboration could just be a song or a motion capture role as the source suggests.

Back in 2018, CD Projekt RED retweeted a cryptic message from Lady Gaga’s handle.

Some fans are saying that the numbers at the end of the tweet could be code for something related to the game. It is very common for game developers to do this in order to build hype.

Whether the collaboration with Lady Gaga is just for the music of Cyberpunk 2077 or a role within the game, we’ll keep you updated regarding it right here!

Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming RPG by CD Projekt for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The release date for Cyberpunk 2077 is reportedly set sometime during later half of 2019. The marketing for the game has begun, a clear sign of news to come. However, the news may not actually be related to the game’s release date. According to CD Projekt RED, the development of Cyberpunk is far from over which means there may still be more time before the game comes out.