Code Vein Won’t Have An Easy Difficulty But Will Feature Companions

Code Vein is an upcoming action rpg which is well titled as an “anime Dark Souls”. Bandai Namco has already revealed some basic information about its gameplay and how it’s similar to Dark Souls and probably even more than that. Today we learned that Code Vein is a title that requires us to Git Gud!

The game’s difficulty was the main subject of discussion in a round-table interview at Bandai Namco’s headquarters in Tokyo where Producer Keita Iizuka and Director Hiroshi Yoshimura stated that Code Vein will not feature an easier mode than the basic one so it’s Dark Souls all over again.

Code Vein will also include a mechanic called Blood Code that will give you the opportunity to completely change your stats and build to counter specific enemies. This is one way to overcome some fights that would take a significant amount of time with different strategies. This indicates the later appearance of fan guides that will let you create custom builds for every major fight reasoning the absence of an easy mode.

One more thing that is different though than any other souls title and even Lords of the Fallen is the addition of companions which are helping you during the fights. If you managed to get companions fight alongside you in Dark Souls to distract the enemies and take some hits for you while you get in there and peel the enemy boss then you know what kind of reassurance that is.

As stated in the interview, those companions will not only have a different build but will also have their own personalities and backstory which will spice things up for your every playthrough.

Given those new information about Code Vein it is safe to say that it’s replayability value is guaranteed. If you want to see more action from the game make sure to check its first 17 minute gameplay video.

Code Vein is an action JRPG by Bandai Namco coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC somewhere in early 2018. Let’s hope there won’t be any delays and we can get our hands right to it.

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