Code Vein Howling Pit Walkthrough Guide – Bottomless Shore, Defeat Invading Executioner

Code Vein Howling Pit Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step with the game's main path and how to defeat Invading Executioner.

Code Vein Howling Pit Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step with the game’s main path and how to defeat Invading Executioner.

Code Vein Howling Pit

After completing Area E-13 and defeating Butterfly of Delirium, players will come to Howling Pit. Our Code Vein Howling Pit Walkthrough Guide will take you through the entire Area G-12 and will help you defeat the Invading Executioner boss.

Note that this walkthrough only covers the main apth through Howling Pit, Hills Of Deception, and Bottomless Shore.

Howling Pit

Use the lever near the mistle and your path forward will be illuminated by fire. Start the right from the right and as you go you’ll face jelly-like enemies and demons.

Go far this way and you’ll face two demons and then go left which is the path leading up. Here, two demons will be protecting a lever, defeat them and use the lever and then go back to the starting position.

Now, go left into the water but be careful as there are enemies like demons in the water, you can spot them through their horns. Also, if you are in deep enough water, your character will slow down.

Stick to the edge of the area and you’ll fight jelly-like enemies. To the right is the hill that’ll lead you to the lever you need to use but, it’ll be guarded by an enemy quite similar to the second phase of Oliver Collin boss fight.

Defeat him, use the lever and then go down the hill. Step back and move towards the containers and tanks and then move to the end of the path. Here you’ll fight more jelly-like enemies.

Clear the area and then purify the Rotten Mistle. Now, go back to the container and tanks and go towards the flame. Keep to the left while you deal with demons along the way. Keep going until you find Assassin Vestige Part B and then turn around to go up and unlock the Hills of Deception Mistle.

Hills Of Deception

At the start of this area, pick up the Assassin Vestige Part C and from here jump down on the demon below. After that, go right and a group of jelly-like enemies is waiting for you.

Clear the area and move on to purify the Rotten Mistle. Go down from the Mistle and use the lever to lower the water level. Move ahead and defeat the red-eyes enemy to acquire the Rusted Sluice Key. Once defeated, go left and use the key to pull the lever.

Now you need the Eagle Key to open the door to the left. Go right until you get to a hill and you’ll find jelly-like things. As you get close, demons ambush you.

Defeat them, keep moving forward until you see a red demon with crystals coming out of his body. This isn’t an easy enemy to defeat but you can use his charge attack to make him fall off the cliff. Take the Eagle Key and return to the door.

Use the key to open the door and there will be a Vestige in front of you. But, don’t go there as its a chasm instead, go right from here making a small corcle to pick up Assassin Vestige Part A. Now go back a few steps and a giant is waiting for you on the hill.

Defeat him and then pick up the Moss-covered Key. Go back to where you opened the door and go left from there. Be careful of the spiky balls along the way. As you get to the hill with a chest on in, go right to the hill which will take you to the lever for which you acquired the Moss-covered Key.

After that, go right ahead to the Vistage but defeat the demons first in the area. Clear the area and then pick up the Atlas Vestige Part D. From here, go right and here is a burning fire. Go left and then take a right as you get to a rusty boat. A Mistle is on the hill, activate it.

Bottomless Shore

Jump down and keep moving forward until you reach at the end of the area. There will be a chest guarded by balls with spikes. The chest is optional and you need to the destroyed boat and go right.

Go through the water and then up the hill to find a Rotten Mistle. Climb up and you’ll fight the Invading Executioner boss.

Defeat Invading Executioner

Before facing Invading Executioner, prepare as much Anti-slow as you can. Stay close to her in the first phase as she’ll mainly use her scythe to attack you.

She can use the scythe to hit you twice and can delay her second attack and can even hit you if you are behind her. She has another vertical attack in which she drives her weapon in the ground. You need to just dodge and focus on getting her off balance and attack her from behind.

If you are a distance from her then she’ll use the water to attack you by making it explode under your feet. When her hands turn red, you’ll know she is about to use the water attack.

Deal enough damage and the boss fight enters the second phase. In this phase, Invading Executioner will driver her weapon in the ground and will start spinning while throwing projectiles at you which you need to dodge.

Her speed increases in the second phase and will charge at you if you are at a distance from her and she is able to perform two charges in a row. Also, don’t dodge backward and always dodge to the side.

She can also stomp and this attack also works similar to the attack in which she drives her weapon in the ground. Keep dodging her attacks and land a few hits whenever you get the opportunity and Invading Executioner will be defeated. Once Invading Executioner is defeated, activate the Mistle.

That is all for our Code Vein Howling Pit Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to go through Hills Of Deception and Bottomless Shore and how to defeat Invading Executioner.

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