Code Vein Home Base Guide – Trading, Upgrades, Training, Customizations

Home Base serves as your main player hub or base of operations in Code Vein. It is where you take a break from the constant fighting and plotting in the outside world of the game and instead take a step back to unwind and relax.

You will find a number of NPCs and Merchants to interact with at the Home Base. NPCs will either give you additional lore or perhaps some important piece of information to help you on your missions. The Merchant, if not obvious, is who you will be interacting with a lot to buy and sell items.

The following guide will tell you all there is to know about the Home Base in Code Vein.

Code Vein Home Base

Home Base is a den where the players talk to NPCs and also have access to the services of the Merchants. Once you defeat Oliver Collins, you find yourself in the Home Base where you are explained about the birth of the Red Mist and the society of Revenants.

Turn by turn you approach the NPCs and interact with them. Here you meet different NPCs like Io, Coco, Rin Murasame, Davis, and also, Louis. Once you have interacted with all of the NPCs, you need to head back to Louis and talk to him again.

He will require a blood sample from you in order to identify any unique abilities you may have. You end up in the restroom after this conversation. Go back outside and speak with Louis once more.

He will explain to you about your unique blood type, called Void-Type, during this conversation. This is a broken blood type that enables you to use a Vestige to accommodate the unique skills of other Revenants as well.

By doing this, Louis will donate his blood, enabling you to carry the Prometheus blood code in addition to the Thoth and Aset blood codes.


Code Vein Home Base allows you to strengthen your character by providing ou different services. These services include:

Rest at a Mistle: You can utilize a Mistle that is close to Davis and the training area. You can improve your player level at the Mistle, check your Blood Codes for Gifts, utilize your Ichor, and do a lot more things.

Training Grounds: You may interact with a punching bag that is located next to the Mistle. You may use it to practice your combat abilities, try out different weapons or blood veils, or just learn how to navigate about.

Trade items: Speaking to Davis, Rin Murasame, or Coco will allow you to swap other items if you find something more fascinating than what you already own. To gain special items, you must trade in any trading items you have obtained in exchange for trading points.

Upgrade your gear: You should be aware that the most crucial item of equipment you need to survive in the game is your gear, and Louis has Rin Murasame for you. It’s true that she remains inside and stays out of the fights, but she still has everything you need. Equipment can be bought, sold, upgraded, or changed into the specific type you want.

Notice Board: You need to remember to go through the Notice Board as frequently as possible next to Io if you believe you have lost your path and are unsure of your next steps. You may interact with it to find all the information you need for your job.

Change your Appearance: The game also lets you customize your character, which you may do in the Home Base in Code Vein.

By interacting with the mirror next to the vehicle Coco is sitting in, you may completely alter how your character looks. You are free to modify everything else about your character—aside from your gender—that you find boring or that you despise about it.

This concludes the importance of Home Base in Code Vein. Every now and then it is going to help you around whether it is relaxing or giving you the items you have got around. This is the Hub that is going to prove to be your shelter from all the chaos around Code Vein.