Code Vein Home Base Guide – Trading, Upgrades, Training, Customizations

To relax down a bit and give themselves some peace for a little time, Louis along with his partners, converted the old chapel into their Home Base.

It is where all the Revenants gather together and make each other feel better and also remind them that they are not the only one in this battle. Our Home Base guide will break down all the people and features you will encounter in Home Base when playing Code Vein.

Code Vein Home Base

Home Base is a den where the players talk to NPCs and also have access to the services of the Merchants. Once you defeat Oliver Collins, you find yourself in the Home Base where you are explained about the birth of the Red Mist and the society of Revenants.

Turn by turn you approach the NPCs and interact with them. Here you meet different NPCs like Io, Coco, Rin Murasame, Davis, and also, Louis. Once you have interacted with all of the NPCs, you need to head back to Louis and talk to him again.

He will ask for a blood sample from you in order to find out about the special gifts that you possess. Once this interaction ends, you find yourself in the restroom. o back outside and interact with Louis again.

At this interaction, he is going to explain to you about your peculiar blood type which is Void-Type. This is a broke blood type and allows for you to accommodate the special abilities of other Revenants as well through a Vestige.

With this Louis is going to give you his blood which will allow you to carry the Prometheus blood code along with two others being the Thoth and Aset blood code.

With this, you are going to be informed about the end of the demo and from here, if you want, you can travel to another area, the Depths: Town of Sacrifice by speaking to Davis.

The game is going to let you explore everywhere and around you are going to find Vestiges. Io is the one who gets these Vestiges so she can restore deficient Gifts and tell about the lost memories in the blood code.


Code Vein Home Base allows you to strengthen your character by providing ou different services. These services include:

Rest at a Mistle: There is a Mistle located near Davis and the Training area for you to use. At the Mistle, you can upgrade your player level, inherit Gifts by checking the Blood Codes you have obtained, use your Ichor and much more.

Training Grounds: Near the Mistle, you will find a punching bag which you can interact with. It allows you to test out various weapons or blood veils, how to move around, or by simply honing your skills in battle.

Trade items: If you find something more interesting than what you have then you can trade various items by speaking to one of the three, Davis, Rin Murasame, or Coco. You will have to trade in any of your acquired trading items in exchange for trading points in order to obtain special items.

Upgrade your gear: Your gear is the most important item you require to survive in the game and you should know that for you Louis has Rin Murasame. Yes, it is correct that she stays in and avoids the battles, but still, she has all the equipment you need. You can purchase or sell equipment and upgrade or transform your equipment to your desired type.

Notice Board: If you think that you have lost your way and do not know where to go from here then you can always check the Notice Board located near Io. Interact with it and you are going to find all the information on your tasks.

Change your Appearance: Customization of your character is also a feature that the game allows you to have at the Home Base in Code Vein.

You can change the whole look of your character by interacting at the mirror which is located beside the car Coco is sitting on. Except for your gender, you are allowed to change every other thing that you dislike about your character are you are bored to see in it.

This concludes the importance of Home Base in Code Vein. Every now and then it is going to help you around in whether it is relaxing or giving you the items you have got around. This is the Hub that is going to prove out to be your shelter from all the chaos around Code Vein