Code Vein Dried-up Trenches Walkthrough Guide – Decayed Ship Interior, Defeat Insatiable Despot

Code Vein Dried-up Trenches Walkthrough Guide will help you with the game’s main path through Dried-up Trenches, and Decayed Ship Interior and will also help you defeat Insatiable Despot.

Code Vein Dried-up Trenches

Defeating the Invading Executioner in Bottomless Shore will let you enter Dried-up Trenches. Our Code Vein Dried-up Trenches Walkthrough Guide will take you through the entire Area H-14 and will give you tips on how to defeat Insatiable Despot.

Also, This walkthrough only covers the main path through Dried-up Trenches and Decayed Ship Interior.

Dried-up Trenches

Activate the Mistle and more forward and be careful of the enemy to the right. At the end of the path, The Lost is hanging. Deal with him and then turn around.

Keep walking and watch out for The Lost on top. He’ll jump at you as you get close. Follow the path to the left that will take you up. Jump down and then defeat the enemies.

Keep moving forward until you come across a plant shooting fire. Clear the area and keep moving forward until you have only one path to follow, to the left.


There will be a group of enemies waiting for you, defat them. Go right, behind the boxes and then take the path near the abyss and jump down. Keep moving forward and then take a right.

Here you’ll fight an NPC but be careful of his attacks after he pierces himself with his fist. Defeat him and then go forward until you come across Decayed Ship Interior Mistle.

Decayed Ship Interior

Climb the ladder and pick up Map: Town of Sacrifice. From here go down and then go up. There will be an enemy up there and a Rotten Mistle. Jump down to the platform below and move ahead. Go right and there is an enemy with a shield that you need to defeat.

Go down the ladder and there will be a tough enemy with which armor. Defeat him, loot the area and then go back to the top by climbing the ladder. A red demon is waiting for you, defeat him and then destroy the wooden boxes and jump to the right to land on the platform below.

The narrow path in front of you is blocked by two enemies. Defeat them and move through the narrow path. At the end of the narrow path, you will reach the Rotten Mistle.

Go back to where you encountered the Red Lost and take the path to the left. Defeat the enemies along the way and keep moving forward. Jump down to the platform, move forward and there will be a ladder to the left.

Climb the ladder and go straight. You’ll come to a fairly big arena with three large enemies to fight. Defeat them and it would be easier if you can lure them towards you one-by-one.

Defeat them and follow the path until you come to a ladder, use it to go down. Go through the narrow passage while killing the enemy that attacks you. There will be a Rotten Mistle.

Purify it and return to Decayed Ship Interior Mistle. Climb the ladder, jump off the platform and go to the narrow passage. Move ahead and you will fight more enemies. Defeat them and turn left and then defeat the enemies that shoot with fire.

Clear the area, destroy the wooden crates and then go to the cave guarded by a large enemy. Defeat him and go deep inside the cave and you’ll come across the Frozen Seabed Mistle.

Defeat Insatiable Despot

Frozen Seabed is a very small area and you just need to go straight to the arena and fight Insatiable Despot boss. In the first phase of the boss fight, the Insatiable Despot will frequently call in reinforcements. Destroy the red crystals as soon as you can to stop him from calling reinforcements.

In one of his attacks, he’ll drive his weapon in the ground and a crystal will pop up under you dealing damage. You need to dodge it if you don’t then you’ll have to fight an additional enemy along Insatiable Despot.

His main attacks are mainly swinging daggers. He can also hit a dagger in the ground and then throw another one at you.

In the second phase, he’ll remove the handle from his chest and combine with his daggers to create an axe. Don’t stick close to his as his attacks have range.

Instead of calling reinforcements, he now throws a projectile that follows you. You have to dodge at the last possible moment as the projectile will keep following you.

He has another attack in which he leaps toward the player and uses his axe to attack. He’ll use this attack if you are standing in front of him.

However, the most devastating attack is when he raises his axe and slams it on the ground. This causes an explosion and can one-hit kill your character. You need to move behind him or get away from him. Just keep dodging and landing hits eventually, he will be defeated.

That is all for our Code Vein Dried-up Trenches Walkthrough Guide with tips on the game’s main path and how to defeat Insatiable Despot.

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